First group training run with Team Challenge

Today I had my first group training run with Team Challenge! I am very excited to be part of a team for training and love that everyone on the team shares a connection to IBD. It’s funny how bowel diseases make great ice breakers!

Speaking of ice, it was SNOWING this morning. Objection! It is almost April. I have no patience for this weather. If today wasn’t a group training day, I probably would have made an excuse not to go out. Fortunately being around a lot of nice people makes a 30 minute training run fly by.

We ran for 30 minutes along the bike path in Lexington, which I learned extends all the way from Arlington to Somerville. After the run, the nice people at Greater Boston Running Company hosted a shoe and gear clinic. Staff members analyzed our gaits while we ran on the treadmill and did their best to fit us in the right shoes. A few months ago I went to Marathon Sports for a gait analysis and fitting and learned that I overpronate on my left foot and am neutral on my right foot.  That’s when I bought these sexy shoes:

Today, the nice man at GBRC made the same findings, but told me the Adidas Boosts I’m rocking actually provide too MUCH stability, which may affect my right leg. He suggested either a neutral shoe with an insert for a little stability (like the SuperFeet Berry insert in a Saucony Triumph ISO shoe) or a “light post” stability shoe like the New Balance 870s. To make matters more complicated, I also have incredibly wide feet and not a lot of shoes come in wide widths.  GBRC didn’t have the exact sizes I needed, but the staff guy gave me great suggestions and offered to retrieve shoes from other GBRC stores. There was zero pressure to buy, which was nice.  I think I’m going to try the New Balance, since I live near the factory store and may be able to score some discounts!

New Balance 870v3, Coral with Lime & Blue Atoll

I’m a little bummed that my expensive shoes may not be right for me, but the staff guy assured me that I can still use them from time to time, maybe for quick easy runs. Otherwise, I am happy to have met new people and gained some valuable information at the first team training. Can’t wait for more!


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