I’ve figured it out!

Why I haven’t been keen on updating, that is. The reason I’ve been neglecting NSN is because ALL of my devices have been crapping the bed. My normal practice was to start a blog post on my phone, since that is where all my photos are. I would then turn to my home laptop to clean things up (because I hate typing more than a few lines on my phone).

However, I’ve mentioned how old my phone is. I have the Google Galaxy Nexus phone which I purchased in 2012. It still functions, but it runs an old operating system and a lot of the apps no longer update because it is outdated. I have my eyes on the rumored new Google phone, the Nexus 5 2015 (or Nexus 5X, apparently) which allegedly will be announced next Tuesday. Either that or I might try the OnePlus Two, which requires an invite to purchase (if anyone has an invite, hook a girl up?).


ANYWAY, I think the age of my phone is causing my WordPress updates to fail. What happens is I type a long post on my phone, add media, and then laugh to myself and revel in how clever I am.  When I save the draft, it ends up failing halfway through and I lose half of my witty commentary and almost all of the photos. When I go to fix everything on my computer, most of the post is gone. That makes me so frustrated that in my second attempt at writing, I’m not NEARLY as hilarious as the first time. All that wasted genius …

MEANWHILE, my old Sony Vaio laptop (“Snowball”)* is starting to die. It overheats (ironically) and turns off randomly. It failed us during an all important fantasy football draft. I could use my work laptop but clearly that violates the rules, so I avoid that.

I DO have my solid gold iPad (“Goldie”)*, which I’m digging. However, I hate typing on it! I prefer typing on a good old Qwerty keyboard that has clicky keys and with which I can flex my 70 words per minute muscles. Plus I’m so used to Android that I have trouble with features like copy/paste on IOS. I also don’t take a lot of pictures with my iPad, so I still have to turn to my phone for media.

I’m hoping that when I do get my new phone, the WordPress app will function smoothly on it and I will be an updating fool once again!

IN ANY EVENT, I am working on fixing up one such recent post that has been failing me and that I’ve had to retype a few times. I’ll try to make more of an effort to update even with my device situation. Stay tuned!

*I name everything. It’s a weirdness. Ask my sister.


Training Week 14

Welcome to the week I overdid it!

Remember last week when I spoiler alerted you to the fact that I was registered for the BAA 10K? The day after my longest ever run to date? Yeah, about that.

Sunday: I woke up at about 6 or so to the sound of a TORRENTIAL downpour. Seriously, it was raining buckets. You remember, you were probably there. Between the weather and the fact that I had run 12.4 miles the day before, I was uncertain about going through with the race. I really wanted to run but my legs were feeling rough and my troublesome hamstring was yapping at me. I talked it through with Dan, who suggested “at least go down there and get free stuff.”

(I had been thinking the same thing. THIS IS WHY WE’RE MARRIED).

I hemmed and hawed and petted the cat and probably got scratched by the cat and changed clothes and changed clothes AGAIN and debated eating my usual pre-race fuel and finally decided “screw it, I’m running this. BRING ON BANANAS AND PEANUT BUTTER.”


All that hemming and hawing made me late and I had to take an Uber to the start line. Manuel, my driver, kept trying to talk me out of it. “You’re going to be calling me to take you back!” Funny because the whole way there the rain had let up, but of course it was pouring again when I got out. At that point, there was no avoiding getting soaked. The people holding umbrellas in the corrals? Adorable. Congratulations on getting soaked 5 minutes later than me.


The pouring rain was so ridiculous it was funny. Once I was completely soaked, I knew I wasn’t going to get any wetter! I was able to laugh about it and ended up enjoying the whole experience!

I took it very slow on my tired legs. After the first mile, the rain slowed to a light drizzle. After the second mile, I reached the part of Comm. Ave near BU and saw the faster runners on the fourth mile. I kept my eyes peeled and actually saw Jarod running towards me. We high fived without breaking stride.

While on the course I practiced the art of drinking at the water stops without choking. I ran with my iPod shuffle but didn’t even bother turning it on until after the fourth mile. At that point my legs were aching and I needed a pleasant distraction.

After I passed the fifth mile marker, I looked down at my watch and saw that a sub-hour finish was possible. Against my better judgment, I sped up significantly and started tearing through the crowd. According to the splits from my watch, I increased my pace by a full minute on the last mile!

Monday: ALL THE REST. Seriously, I could barely walk. Right Hammy was DISPLEASED, to say the least.

Tuesday: Even more rest. I woke up and Right Hammy was still stinging so I decided to take one more day off of running. I did make it to the gym for an upper body and core workout.


Wednesday: I really wanted to go to November Project but I didn’t want to have three days off of running in a row. So I went for a slooooooooooooooooow easy jog to get back into it. I did 3.45 miles in 36:29.

Thursday: I woke up and Right Hammy was still NOT in the mood. So I did what I haven’t done during the entire training session.

I skipped a run.

I needed it. I overdid it this weekend and needed an extra break. It was totally fine.

Friday: Cindy runs again! Woo! I had to choose between 3-5 easy miles or the workout that is my JAM (12x200s). I went with the easy to take care of Stupid Hammy and because I was facing a 12 miler on Saturday. I did an easy loop around my neighborhood and covered 3.64 miles in 38:23.

Later that evening I took a CorePower Yoga class through ClassPass. The CorePower 1 – Beginning Power Yoga Class was exactly what I needed. It was more active than some of the other yoga classes I’ve tried at other studios, but it was paced well enough to allow me to give my legs some TLC. I really like basic flow classes where I can do all the poses. I even held a crow pose for 2 seconds!

Friday evening I was a good girl. I carbo-loaded on brown rice for dinner, had no booze, and went to bed super early. I was preparing for our longest group run of the season!

Saturday: 12 mile group run at the Lexington/Lincoln Battle Path. This was our longest scheduled group run! Most of the team is running the Portland half marathon in two weeks, so those folks are tapering after this. Those of us running Napa/Sonoma have an extra week of training, so next week’s run is still a long one but not quite as long (10 miles).

Coach Marc explained that the route is not quite 12 miles so we would have to do a couple extra out-and-backs to round it out. I started out with a group of people because I was NOT going to get lost again! I ran with my teammates Kaitlin and Marene for most of the time, and there were a couple spots when we had to stop and reassess the route so as not to get lost. There was an honest-to-goodness bathroom on the route! With a flushing toilet and soap and paper and everything! This is important for us IBD runners.

I don’t know when I became a super positive, cheerlead-y runner, but I was so that annoying person on Saturday! When we stopped for water at mile 8 I was all “we’re 2/3 of the way done!” instead of thinking “holy crap we still have 4 miles to go?” When my watch beeped at mile 9, I told Kaitlin “We have less than a 5K left!” It was so hard doing the last out-and-back at the end of the run, because we had to pass the stopping point to do it! We saw people who had already finished but we still had 1.6 miles left to go, blah. We kept going and started to pull over when we heard a runner coming up behind us. But it was Coach Marc coming to run with us! We are very lucky to have great support.

When we turned around and were heading back on our 0.8 mile home stretch, I saw someone out of the corner of my eye on the road. Dan! He came for the post-run festivities and happened to see us running on the trail. He pulled over and cheered us along. We turned into the parking lot just as another part of our group was arriving, so we all finished together. I ran along for a tiny bit extra so Runkeeper can’t try to shortchange me. 12.03 miles in 2:13:37, with a couple water and bathroom breaks.

After the run, we had a little celebration with bagels and treats. We got our goody bags for race weekend! There were even handwritten thank you notes from our honorees.


Typical Lucy

And now that I’m within arm’s length of my fundraising goal, I am so excited for race weekend! Now we’re just keeping our fingers crossed that Dan gets the week off so we can stay in wine country.

Total miles for Week 14: 25.32 – not bad for taking an extra rest day! Just slightly less than last week’s 25.62.

Have a great week!

Training Week 13

What a weekend! I hope all the dads had a great Father’s Day. I got to see my dad TWICE this weekend, which was great! He even attended my wine tasting event, which I’ll be recapping shortly (spoiler alert: it went great!). Here’s to one of my biggest supporters – love you Dad!


Sunday: off. I spent the day at the Old Port Fest with Jenni, Mike and baby Owen!

wpid-img_20150614_142719.jpg wpid-img_20150620_164300.jpg

Owen was such a good boy and only put up a tiny fuss when we were all drinking and he felt left out.


Speaking of left out, I can’t leave out Linus!


Monday: 4.96 easy miles in 49:08. Nothing fancy, just my usual morning “leave the house and run a loop” jog.

Tuesday: 45 minute tempo run. I hadn’t done a true tempo run in awhile (besides running in races) so I really wanted to put in a good effort on this one. I went along the Charles and booked it. I managed to get in 5.16 miles in 45 minutes (average pace 8:42).

Wednesday: Harvard stadium with November Project. I did a full tour of 37 sections in 42:14, which I am happy with!


I decided to substitute a hard run for this workout. Last week I did the stadium stairs as a cross-training workout in addition to my runs and it was too rough on my legs.

Thursday: In the morning I did a quick strength training circuit. I neglected strength all week so I wanted to do enough to at least maintain!


That evening, for my 3-5 mile easy run, I did the Race Cancer Summer Series 5K! I ran a few of these 5Ks last year and really liked them, so I signed up for a season pass this year. They had to move the race to the Chestnut Hill reservoir from the Charles due to permitting. It was a PERFECT night for a race and I ran with my friend Rachel. She ran the Boston Marathon in 2012 (the year it was 90 degrees!) so I picked her brain about fundraising and training. And, of course, shoes and clothes!


There’s a different craft beer sponsor each race and this time, it was Narragansett Del’s Shandy (a household favorite!)

wpid-img_20150618_211424.jpg wpid-img_20140731_102618.jpg

That’s one of my favorite pictures of baby Lucy!

Friday: off/cross-train. I took a FlyBarre class and it was super challenging! I had to get out of position to rest a LOT. I really liked the instructor, Ashley. Anytime she came over and made an adjustment, she asked “does that feel okay?” That never happens and I really appreciated it!

Saturday: not only did we have 11 miles on the menu, we had 11 miles along the NEWTON HILLS – yikes! That’s Heartbreak Hill for those keeping score at home. Thankfully I did not indulge in too much wine at my fundraiser (otherwise there would have been none left for the generous guests!).

I ran with my teammate Heather and we were joined by Lori for some of the time. Another teammate, Mark, jogged along with us for some of the time too, but took a shortcut back to save his legs. He put in his 11 miles earlier and was taking it easy to run the BAA 10K scheduled on Sunday.

(SPOILER ALERT: I signed up for the BAA 10K too, but didn’t have the foresight to, I don’t know, NOT run 11 miles the day before. Whoops).

Anyway, towards the end of the route, Heather and I are just running along and gabbing away. I’m pretty sure we were talking about running clothes when we missed the turn we were supposed to take to get back to the start. Once we hit our 11 mile mark, Heather looks around and says “Um, I think we ended up in Waltham.”

Whoops again.

We walked a little bit but basically ran the whole way back to the starting point. We ended up covering 12.4 miles running (and a little more walking). At least we were in good company! I stopped and restarted my Polar Bear so I know that we did 11.26 miles in 2:04:33. I can’t believe I have now run for more than 2 hours straight!

Total mileage for Week 13: 25.62. This is up from last week’s 24.79 and that’s even with substituting a run with November Project. Woo!

Have a great week!

Training Week 10

AKA the week I cried.

It took 9 1/2 weeks before running made me cry, which is a win in my book.

It’s also the week I ran over 9 miles, so let’s focus on the positive!

Sunday: off/cross train. I took a class at btone which was really difficult. I was the only one in the class using the red stability pole. I didn’t even care. This counts as both my training and abs.

Monday: 4.88 mile easy run in 47:40. Happy Memorial Day! I ran along the Charles and saw many people enjoying the day. This is probably my hottest and most humid run to date! I went out around noontime. It felt good! This information will be important later.


Running Outfit of the Day (ROOD):


The tank is New Balance Girls Night Out swag and the cleave is courtesy of the TaTa Tamer from the Lululemon Outlet.

Core work: 1:30 min. stability ball plank, 4 x 25 stability ball crunches,

Tuesday: 12 x 200 repeats at 5K pace with 1:00 rest. 3.08 miles in 26:20. Once again, I found this workout enjoyable. My times improved from the last time I did this workout!


ROOD x 2!


The top is Old Navy ($8!) and the capris are Fabletics.

In the evening I took another btone class (abs!). Btone is a Lagree fitness class using the Megaformer machine. This promo video provides illustration of some of the exercises (the move that starts at 0:50 is SO hard).

Wednesday: off/cross train. Dan and I went to Beantown Bootcamp and worked up a SWEAT!

We did a lot of core exercises (plank jacks, mountain climbers, sit ups) during the bootcamp, so that counts as my daily abs.

Thursday: 6 x 1 mile repeats at 10K pace with 3:00 rest. In the morning I took a Pure Barre class (CORE) because there was one slot available. Due to this, I waited until my lunch break to go for my run. I figured there would be fewer people on the road and I had success the last time I ran in the afternoon (Monday).

HUGE mistake.

It was humid, sunny, and nearly 90 degrees that afternoon. The sun was beating down and there was no breeze like when I ran along the river. I was wearing terrible, non-running socks. I experienced pure Polar Rage during this run while trying to maintain my 10K pace. After 4 excruciating mile repeats, I gave up and quit. I was so frustrated that I just started crying. Luckily Dan was around to talk some sense. “It was hot! It was the worst time of day! You got in your head! You took a class in the morning!”

I am reassured after talking to Dan and consulting all my running resources (coach, blogs, Runnit, podcasts). Once in awhile you have a bad run that you can’t finish. It won’t blow up your training. You learn from it and move on. From now on, I’m going to prioritize my runs for early morning and make sure to only take classes on off days or easy run afternoons. I bought two new pairs of running socks. I still finished 4.66 miles in 48:15, which isn’t nothing.

Friday: 3.91 easy run in 40:57. I needed this to bounce back from Thursday. I purposefully went slow. I also made sure to throw in a few hills. My legs were aching but I felt accomplished after this.

Saturday: 9.16 mile group run in 1:33:25. We went back to the Lexington Bike Path. It was a lovely day, a little hot for running but thankfully the bike path is shaded most of the way. We ran out and back and I swear the entire way back was entirely up a slow hill. It was excruciating!


Total miles for Week 10: 25.69 (up from last week’s 24.88).

ClassPass – referral link for $50 off!

Are you interested in trying ClassPass? It’s a great program that offers TONS of different fitness classes for a low monthly rate. They offer EVERYTHING: spinning, strength classes, bootcamp, yoga, pilates, barre, zumba, CrossFit – the list goes on.

If you’re interested in trying ClassPass (and I HIGHLY recommend it!), use this link to get $50 off your first month! I get a $50 credit if you use the link, so it’s win/win.  AND we can take classes together, so it’s win/win/win!

I have blogged about a lot of different classes I have taken with ClassPass: yoga, Core Fusion Barre at exhale, btone, Studio Empower, Pure Barre, BodyPump at CSC, Beantown Bootcamp, Barry’s Bootcamp, and more! I have Exercise ADD so I’m constantly trying new and fun fitness classes. I definitely feel that I get my money’s worth, considering some of these classes can cost somewhere along the lines of $25 each. Take 4 classes a month and it’s paid for, and everything on top of that is candy!

The offer ends May 26, so sign up soon!

Training Week 1

Last week was my first “week” of half marathon training! I use quotation marks because I didn’t start until Wednesday, but it still counts! I want to keep track week to week.

Wednesday: 4.29 easy miles. I probably pushed the pace a little too much. I need to get used to the difference between easy runs and other runs!


Thursday: 30 minutes tempo – 3.3 miles (with 0.5-1.0 miles for warm-up and cool down). According to my training plan, “tempo” means to keep a steady faster pace. I totally failed at keeping it steady! Again, new at this!

Friday: off/cross train. I did some strength training at the gym:


And this ab workout courtesy of Pinterest. I did 1:00 planks instead of 0:30 and OUCH:


Saturday: Group training run 30 minutes, 3.05 miles.

Total mileage for week 1: about 11.64 miles.

This past week was also our 4th wedding anniversary, yay! Our tradition is always dinner and a Bruins game, which is so much more fun than presents! For dinner we went to Davio’s, which was delicious.


And though the Bruins lost (we are bad luck!), it was a good game and we had a blast.



Blog progress – blogress?

I was keeping a tumblr page with pictures of wine I enjoyed, sometimes with notes to remember what I liked about it or what I would pair it with.  I imported all of those posts to this site and used tags so individual posts may be easy to find at a later time.  When I’m in a wine store, I’m usually overwhelmed with all the choices and always want to make sure I pick something I enjoy!  In theory, if I click on the “merlot” tag, I should get pictures and posts of Merlot I have previously enjoyed and can use that to make a selection.  I also had a lot of beer entries which I also tagged.

Tumblr was one of the many efforts I made trying to catalog all my wines; I also tried Pinterest and a few wine apps like Vivino and drync.  I still use Vivino and want to start cataloging my wines better.

More blogress – I downloaded the WordPress app and am experimenting with adding pictures!  I’m still a little clueless about my DSLR camera so the pictures I post here will be low-quality camera pics. But pics just the same! How about one of my crazy kitty?
imageSo yesterday I was doing a load of laundry. I put the clothes in, added the soap, inserted my quarters (we live in a condo with laundry in the basement – less than ideal but it’s not too bad), and selected my cycle.  I then went upstairs and promptly realized my Fitbit was still in the pocket of my workout pants!  I ran to the machine but once it begins its cycle, the door is locked and can’t be opened until it is finished.  When I was FINALLY able to retrieve it, I couldn’t believe it still worked!image

Last night Dan and I went to Area Four in Cambridge for pizza, which was delicious.  We also stopped at the Ames Street Deli for drinks with friends.  I’m usually a beer/wine girl but I was actually in the mood for cocktails!imageOn the right was my first, a gin drink called “Honey I Choked the Kids,” which was listed under “Adventurous and Weird.”  It was.  I liked it!  I also tried the Gin Cobbler on the left, which was also pretty good.  I am a liquor lightweight though, so I stopped after these two.  I did not want to be hung over combined with losing an hour of sleep, because I had to be HERE bright and early:image(this is an old picture – it was NOT snowing and was actually lovely today!)

I love this workout! You spend half the time on treadmills doing various intervals (speed, incline, even some side shuffling and back pedaling) and half the time on the floor doing strength and conditioning moves. I was on the treadmills and the first section was INSANE.  We started with jog, then increased the incline and speed, then increased the incline and speed AGAIN and then kept a steady (fast!) speed while we kept increasing the incline.  It was a little too much for me and I had to kill the speed a little just to keep going.  The second treadmill section was mostly sprints and I managed to hold a 9.0 speed for almost all of them.  The second to last I dropped to an 8.5 for a bit, but on the last sprint I kept it between 9.1-9.3.  Yes!

The best part of Barry’s Bootcamp is the smoothie bar!  You can even pre-order your smoothie before class so it’s waiting for you when you’re finished, all cold and refreshing while you’re pouring out sweat and wanting to die.imageI got the “Banana Nut” (banana, almond milk, cinnamon) with vanilla protein powder and added kale.  The smoothies are delicious!  Yesterday I tried a smoothie at a different place and wasn’t a fan – it was too sweet.  This one hit the spot and I loved the spiciness of the cinnamon.

I’ve had a lazy afternoon so I am going to try to be productive before bowling.  I’m in a candlepin bowling league, which is SO fun and not too competitive.  I can be a very competitive person but I’m a lousy bowler, so I don’t take it too seriously!  I’m mostly there to hang with friends and enjoy beers on a Sunday night!