Wine Wednesday

Happy hump day!  Wine Wednesday sure helps the week fly by, right?  If not, try buttressing it with Wine Tuesday and Wine Thursday. I won’t judge.

Today is my wedding anniversary (four years!) and we have dinner reservations at Davio’s, so you know we’ll be ordering a big ol’ bottle of red to go with our steaks!

Wine of the Week

I bought this bottle for less than $9 and spread out my enjoyment with a glass or two a night while the husbo was on his yearly skiing vacation. 90+ Cellars is a company based out of Boston, mere steps away from my condo! The company partners with highly rated wineries, purchases their surplus, and sells it under its “90+ Cellars label” for a fraction of the cost. The wineries can offload some extra inventory without the reduced price affecting the value of their brands, and consumers can enjoy highly rated wine for less. It’s a great concept!

The trick with remembering your favorite 90+ Cellars wine is by the lot number, which denotes the same wine from the same winery. I first enjoyed the Old Vine Malbec Lot 23 at a tasting and found it to be big and flavorful but approachable. That combined with the low cost makes it a great wine to bring to parties (or a great wine to drink alone while the husband is away)! Read more about 90+ Cellars here.

Favorite Wine Gadgets

You may be wondering how I was able to open a bottle of wine on Friday and still be enjoying it on Tuesday, as I did with the Malbec above. Well, it’s thanks to an inexpensive wine vacuum sealer! This does an amazing job at preserving wine over the course of a couple of days.

I cannot find a link to the exact one I own (it was a Christmas present years ago), but this is very similar. Cheap and effective!

Wine Links

Exploring the 90+ Cellars website led me to Reverse Wine Snob, which features great wine for under $20. I haven’t clicked around on it too much yet but I bet it will be a valuable resource!



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