Training Week 1

Last week was my first “week” of half marathon training! I use quotation marks because I didn’t start until Wednesday, but it still counts! I want to keep track week to week.

Wednesday: 4.29 easy miles. I probably pushed the pace a little too much. I need to get used to the difference between easy runs and other runs!


Thursday: 30 minutes tempo – 3.3 miles (with 0.5-1.0 miles for warm-up and cool down). According to my training plan, “tempo” means to keep a steady faster pace. I totally failed at keeping it steady! Again, new at this!

Friday: off/cross train. I did some strength training at the gym:


And this ab workout courtesy of Pinterest. I did 1:00 planks instead of 0:30 and OUCH:


Saturday: Group training run 30 minutes, 3.05 miles.

Total mileage for week 1: about 11.64 miles.

This past week was also our 4th wedding anniversary, yay! Our tradition is always dinner and a Bruins game, which is so much more fun than presents! For dinner we went to Davio’s, which was delicious.


And though the Bruins lost (we are bad luck!), it was a good game and we had a blast.




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