Wine WThursday!

I promised a Wine Wednesday this week and, true to form, I’m posting on Thursday! I apologize for my wine slacking.

A few weeks ago, I bought this cute cork holder at Target. We decided to start filling it with corks at the beginning of the year and see how long it takes us to get to the top (I vote July).


The first cork came from a wine we won! Back in December, Dan and I attended a 90+ Cellars wine tasting, which was awesome. It was $10 to get in and they had at least 20 different wines to sample. If you ordered bottles to purchase, they applied your admission fee towards the cost. We dug a LOT of what we tried and had a hard time narrowing down out choices, but ultimately bought 6 bottles.

Apparently, if you bought 6 bottles or more, you were entered into a raffle to win a whole CASE of wine. A few days later, Dan received word that we WON THE CASE!  That’s 12 extra bottles. We are FIGURATIVELY swimming in wine right now.

The first bottle of Voitka Vino we popped open in 2016 was one of those winning bottles:


Magic Door 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon from Rutherford in Napa. This is a region known for its Cab. I didn’t jot any notes but remember loving this one. Napa Cabs rock my world.


The second and third additions to the cork blork come from pretty rad and unique blends. The Valeriano is Jacuzzi’s “Super Piemontese,” as they put it.  It’s almost like a Meritage or Bordeaux style blend (Cab S, Cab F, Merlot, Malbec and Petit Verdot), but with some Barbera thrown in there.  The other wine shown is 90+ Cellars Gran Vino, a Spanish blend akin to a Super Tuscan, but featuring Tempranillo. These fun blends are really easy drinking if you like big, full bodied wines.

Finally, we bought this French blend at a tasting at Bee’s Knees:


At the tasting I learned that the Cabardès region is a brand new French appellation that specializes in combining Atlantic climate grapes (such as Cabernet and Merlot) with Mediterranean climate grapes (like Syrah and Grenache). The results are awesome! This has great body and a balance of fruit and herb notes. It’s a great transition wine if you like Bordeaux and want to get into more of the southern Rhone or Languedoc regions, or vice versa. This 2013 Chateau Jouclary Cabardès was only $12, so it’s a budget friendly alternative to the more costly French regions.

And obviously, it’s best enjoyed while engaged in battle for village supremacy in medieval France.


Fun fact: the Chateau Jouclary was named in 1530 for the consul of, you guessed it, Carcassonne!

I just started playing Carcassonne and LOVE IT, but Dan has beaten me 6-1 so I need to step up my game. Or drink more Cabardès.

Wine Links:

Loved Uncorked! If you liked Somm, definitely check it out.

More great tips from Wine Folly. I have such a hard time discerning specific notes in wine, so now I just focus on whether it’s fruity or herbaceous. Baby steps!

Understanding German Riesling by the label: I love dry Riesling so I usually keep an eye out for labels that say Kabinett. I’ll start looking for Trocken or Selection now, too!



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