Workouts January 24-30

Greetings! I am here with another boring weekly fitness update. I’m doing this primarily to track my progress with my hammy injury. This week, I didn’t make too many goals. For fitness, my only goal was to take 2 pole classes. For everything else I just stuck to my usual upper-run-lower “split.”

I also made a two-week goal to stick to my macro nutrients. It’s time to lose some of this injury fluff (a cutesy way of referring to body fat). I don’t like to follow any nutrition plan too strictly (because beer! wine!), but I am aiming to stay under my calorie expenditure and keep a 40-30-30 carbs-protein-fat ratio. I’m using my Fitbit to calculate my total daily burn.

Sunday: upper body day. I switched it up a little and did pushups and tried pull ups, but I think my muscles were a little tired from pole class and I had trouble with the pulls.

When I say pull-ups, I know I’m not using the correct terminology. I do a very narrow, neutral grip and don’t start from a full extension. Plus, I’m a shorty, so I stack a step with 2-3 risers under the grips. On this day I used 2 risers but couldn’t quite get to the top.

Before the strength work, I did a short interval session on the stationary bike. I know that I should do cardio after lifting if I’m going heavy, but I would blow off the bike if I left it to the end.

Nutrition-wise, I came nowhere NEAR my macros because I was watching the Pats game with friends and pulled pork nachos and Cinnamon Bun Oreos happened. I managed to stay under my calorie burn, but with all the beer it was a Carb City kind of day.

Monday: I did a quick leg session in the AM and took a pole class in the PM. At the gym, I was able to do some work in the squat rack, yay! I finally made it to the 45# bar for a few sets! I also did some of my hamstring strengthening PT moves.

The pole class was a little disjointed because we had a last minute sub. I did manage to do a split-second cradle spin though!

Macros were a little better today, but I’m still getting a handle on eating more protein.

Tuesday: upper body again. I wanted to run because it was over 50 degrees in Boston! But NO RUNNING AFTER LEG DAY.

I was a little late arriving to the gym and all the equipment I wanted to use was occupied. When I finally got to use a bench press, I FAILED for the first time ever. On my second set of 75#, I finished the fourth rep and couldn’t lift the fifth. I know that to bail, you’re supposed to tip the bar and let the plates slide off, but I was reluctant to make a noisy scene in the crowded gym. I managed to shimmy the bar to my waist and sit up quietly, which is so wrong. That was NOT fun.

At least I ate a lot of protein, right?

Wednesday: run! It was 40 DEGREES at 5 AM!!! I was so pumped to run outside without a hat or gloves. I decided to do an unbroken run again. I warmed up first and did a 2.59 mile loop in 27:19. It was a lot slower of a pace than what I used to run, but I wasn’t  discouraged because my leg felt FINE.


And it continued to feel fine the rest of the day. I even walked to the grocery store and NOTHING. No pain.

That night I had one of my favorite beers to celebrate – Clown Shoes Tramp Stamp. It didn’t totally fit my macros but I was still under cals so fuck it.

Thursday: another leg day + pole. I think I found the ideal time to hit the gym: 8 AM. The before-work goers are gone but the sleep late people are still sleeping late! I got a squat rack all to myself and played with squats and RDLs for awhile. I even took video selfies to form check, but will not post them here because I look too real and everything on the internet needs to be posed and perfect and fake 🙂


I only did 3 leg exercises because hammy was sending out signals. My ass pretty sore for the next few days!

At pole we played around with a lot of inversion prep moves. I managed to do two pole sit ups (one assisted, one UNASSISTED baby), which is a pretty scary move for a rookie. My climbing is getting better (read: my shins are becoming more desensitized to pain). Gotta stick with it.

Friday: I focused on upper body and abs. I decided to do a couple circuits to get my heart pumping. I finished with some dumbbell bench presses and wide-grip lat pull downs.


Saturday: 3 mile run in 31:40. It was slow and steady, with plenty of warming up and cooling down. I am running a 5k on February 7, my first race since rehabbing the hammy. I am excited to do races again and trying VERY hard not to be discouraged about my speed. It’s stupid to want to go fast now. Or at least I have to keep reminding myself of that!

My macros fell off a little towards the end of the week because I had Blue Apron meals (obsessed), but I stayed under my expenditure every day but Saturday. I’m aiming for a seven-day streak next week!

Finally, I think I want to shake things up next week and try more boot camp-style strength training. I want to increase my cardio burn a little but still work the muscles. I reupped my ClassPass membership so I’ll try some new classes in the future! But if it bothers my hamstring I’ll have to take a step back.

Next week: a Wine Wednesday. I PROMISE I have been keeping up with my wine consumption.


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