Workouts January 17-23

These updates are totally disjointed because I start a draft at the beginning of the week and add to it as the week continues. I apologize for weird verb-tense changes!

Sunday, January 17: Dan and I had plans to run the Harvard stadium in the morning. However, when we arrived we learned there was an event going on and they were charging admission. So THAT was a no-go. We were THIS CLOSE to saying “fuck it” and getting brunch instead when we approached the turn to a favorite running route. FINE, we’ll jog before crepes.

We decided on a 2ish mile out-and-back so I could try running without a walking break. It was icy in some places and we took it easy.


We ended up running a little longer than I hoped. My previous interval of running without walking was 20 minutes, so this was a 25% increase. But I didn’t feel any unusual pain during the run or in the days following.

Monday, January 18: Leg day! I tried my hand at barbell squats for the first time in ages. I took it VERY easy and paid super close attention to my form, especially my lower back. I can keep my back neutral for sumo squats, but I think I over-extend when I back squat. I should probably take a video to form check. Fortunately, though my lower back was tired after this workout, I didn’t have any soreness the following day.

(Knocks wood until knuckles raw).

imageTuesday, January 19: I went to the gym nice and early to do upper body exercises. I managed to do 2 sets of 5 at 75 lbs on the bench! it’s a lot easier to load each side with a 10 lb. plate and a 5 lb. plate than trying to locate the dinky 2.5 lb. plates in the mess that is my gym. Seriously, no one re-racks their weights and the staff seems pretty indifferent about keeping the equipment neat and orderly.

That evening, I signed up for a class I haven’t done in ages: pole!

Wednesday, January 20: jog. I waited until after work because it was cold as hell here in Boston. I was in a great mood at first and did 22 unbroken minutes. In my second running interval, the leg started whining. Sure, I was achy in several different places, probably from pole, but THE pain was also there. That. Fucking. Annoying. Shit. PAIN. I’m so over it.

The frustrating thing is that it’s not major pain. This day it was just a little tightness, nothing I couldn’t work through. But it was there. It nags and makes me doubt what I’m doing. I hate the uncertainty and the anticipation of possibly regressing.

On this run, I did more walking intervals than usual and finished in a down mood. I went home, stretched, foam rolled, showered, ate, pet the kitty, and started writing this recap. And you know what? Writing it out has already helped. I’m feeling better because, looking back, I realize it wasn’t more than baseline pain. I made a plan to rest the next day and will take it from there.


Thursday, January 21: REST DAY FTW. Hammy felt okay. At work people asked me about my injury, so I burned some calories dodging those questions. Again, so over it.

Friday, January 22: leg day! I spent a lot of time at the gym and played around a little more than usual. I did my Romanian deadlifts BEFORE squats and was able to knock out 3×12 at 50#! I’m psyched because once I can RDL 65#, I want to try regular deadlifts from the floor with the Olympic barbell (45#) and two 10# bumper plates.

(See how I use the pound sign like someone who knows what she’s talking about? I’m a beast now).

Saturday, January 23: another pole class! I’m sticking with the 101 classes and trying to reacquaint myself with the basics: climbing and spinning. Really, I’m trying to build up my pain tolerance again, since I haven’t taken classes in FOREVER. Climbing especially wreaks havoc on my shins, but I managed to get to the top of the pole a few times, woo! 

Next week’s goals: 1) take at least 2 pole classes and 2) try sticking to my macros. 


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