Workouts January 10-16

I read over last week’s post and my first thought was “enough with the exclamation points, loser.” (But I punctuated the thought with an exclamation point). I also noticed there was zero snark. That ain’t right. I ROLLING PINNED my legs without sarcasm, ffs. Things have to change.

Seriously though, I re-read the last post cringing. I will aim for a more genuine voice in future posts. Likely with more cursing.

Sunday, January 10: Another session of PT exercises, which are a mix of leg and core work. I have been VERY gradually building up my BOSU squat, sumo squat, and Romanian deadlifts. I did notice pain specific to my right hammy while doing eccentric exercises, which sucked.

Against my better judgment, I also used the treadmill to try to get some of my 10k steps done. It was pouring and I knew I wouldn’t want to walk around outside. I had set 10k steps per day as a goal for the week, but looking back, I don’t think it was the most productive goal for my injury. When the steps happen organically, that’s great. When I have to force it, notsomuch.

Anyway, that night, I stretched my right hamstring and noticed it was extremely tight. I was frustrated until I stretched my left leg and felt almost identical tightness! I was hopeful that the tightness was simply muscle soreness from 40 lb. RDLs (yes!) and not the injury.

Monday, January 11: upper body and cardio. I did 70 lbs. benches again, 3×5! I also crushed some barbell rows at 55 lbs.

** Flat Barbell Bench Press **
** Lat Pulldown **
** Incline Dumbbell Bench Press **
** Barbell Row **
** Rear Delt Dumbbell Raise **
** Overhead Press **

I had to split my session and do cardio after work. I biked a lot while attending PT and gradually developed a little interval workout. Nothing groundbreaking: I warm up for 5 minutes and do 10 minutes of intervals, alternating between 15 seconds of hard work and 30 seconds of recovery. It gets the heart pumping for sure.


Hamstring felt okay!

Tuesday, January 12: jog/walk. When I increased to 20 minutes last week, it was a jump from my previous high (16). I did the first interval at 20 minutes again to be cautious. I covered 3.73 miles in 42:19. I didn’t notice any particular or added hammy pain.

Wednesday, January 13: REST, fool. I realized that for someone who has been bitching FOR EIGHT MONTHS about an injury, I sure as hell don’t take that many rest days. That shit cray.

Thursday, January 14: More PT and leg exercises. I omitted a couple of the exercises to save some time, but also because I’m tired of a few of them. There’s one where I get into a little lunge, lean forward, straighten my bag leg and lift it, balancing on my other leg for a moment. It’s supposed to be a “control hip adduction fatiguing exercise.” I just feel a little silly doing it at the gym and I’m not sure I’m feeling the benefit odds it. I left it out on this day and can revisit it if I notice any deficit.

I DID add some glute bridges with very light weight though! BOOTY.

Also, does anyone know what this thing doors? I see it at my gym and it stumps me.


Friday, January 15: upper body exercises, including pushups and seated cable rows. I tried doing some intervals on the rowing machine, but the rower I was on wasn’t working properly. I ended up getting lots of walking in instead.

Saturday, January 16: This ended up being a weird day. It is a run day in my “upper-run-lower” sequence, but Dan and I made plans to go to the Harvard Stadium to run the stairs on Sunday. I didn’t want to run or do legs beforehand, and I had already done upper body. I was going to do cardio intervals and core, but then I forgot a hair tie at home. LAME excuse I know, but I was so not into it. I bailed early. Hammy felt okay though!

Overall, my hamstring felt fine, apart from some stinging and feeling differently than the other one during specific exercises. I’m going to roll with it! This week my goals are to progress in weight on at least one major lift, and to do a couple evening workouts to get off the couch.


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