Injury update and rant

I’m back! I have missed writing training updates so I thought I’d start the new year documenting my progress. My hamstring continues to nag me periodically, so I’m hoping that keeping a contemporaneous log can help me get to the bottom of what causes the pain.

An update: I finished PT right before Thanksgiving (my insurance ran out). My PT gave me a new routine designed to strengthen my hammy, glutes, hips and core. I also started running again!


Dan and I hit the Harvard track on November 15. I started off VERY slowly. I walked a lap, did a dynamic warmup, then ran two laps, walked a lap, and ran two more laps After that I switched to a one lap walk/run. I ended up running 1.5 miles total. I was ecstatic. My leg bothered me at first but seemed to improve as I went.

Since the track, I have run around the neighborhood, progressing VERY slowly. The first time out I did a warm up, walked for 2 minutes, jogged 5 minutes, walked 2 minutes. jogged 4 minutes, etc. I have increased the jogging time by 1-2 minutes each time and only gone out about 2 times per week. I figured out that running the day AFTER PT/leg day is no bueno, but running the day before is fine. Doing this, I felt that I made progress and didn’t have to much hammy pain to speak of, until recently.

Meanwhile, my doctors started running tests. I had an MRI on my thigh, which was negative. My doctor did blood work, which showed that my inflammatory marker was elevated (not attributed to my UC). My GI doctor ran the test again a couple weeks later and the marker was much improved. I was told that normally this sort of injury could be treated easily with ibuprofen, but I cannot take ibuprofen on account of my UC.


Two weeks ago I felt like I was recovering, but now I’m back to being discouraged. My PT told me that I might be focusing on my symptoms too much and to try to work through the discomfort as long as it was not worse. And no, the pain hasn’t become worse than when I started, but when it comes back like it is now, I am so frustrated because I don’t know why.

I don’t have a real diagnosis, and I don’t really have a plan apart from continuing my PT exercises. I’m thinking of asking for a referral to a sports medicine doctor or physiatrist. At this point I would pay out of pocket for a trainer or someone to guide me through what I’m doing, as long as it would get results. I want to FIX. THIS.

Coach Lucy adding some resistance to my foam rolling.

What’s frustrating is that I’m not in a tremendous amount of pain, by any means. it’s just a slight nagging. I have been identifying it as a 2 out of 10 on the pain scale, which is minor. But it just … doesn’t feel right. And I don’t want to make it worse, or suffer another injury in future training.

I will give it a little more time doing what I’m doing and see if it continues. I’ll also try and track progress to see if I can pinpoint any triggers or problems. I want to continue to progress in both running and strength training, and will do so unless there pain becomes worse than 2/10. If that happens, I’ll scale back.

And I’ll start posting about wine again.


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