I’ve figured it out!

Why I haven’t been keen on updating, that is. The reason I’ve been neglecting NSN is because ALL of my devices have been crapping the bed. My normal practice was to start a blog post on my phone, since that is where all my photos are. I would then turn to my home laptop to clean things up (because I hate typing more than a few lines on my phone).

However, I’ve mentioned how old my phone is. I have the Google Galaxy Nexus phone which I purchased in 2012. It still functions, but it runs an old operating system and a lot of the apps no longer update because it is outdated. I have my eyes on the rumored new Google phone, the Nexus 5 2015 (or Nexus 5X, apparently) which allegedly will be announced next Tuesday. Either that or I might try the OnePlus Two, which requires an invite to purchase (if anyone has an invite, hook a girl up?).


ANYWAY, I think the age of my phone is causing my WordPress updates to fail. What happens is I type a long post on my phone, add media, and then laugh to myself and revel in how clever I am.  When I save the draft, it ends up failing halfway through and I lose half of my witty commentary and almost all of the photos. When I go to fix everything on my computer, most of the post is gone. That makes me so frustrated that in my second attempt at writing, I’m not NEARLY as hilarious as the first time. All that wasted genius …

MEANWHILE, my old Sony Vaio laptop (“Snowball”)* is starting to die. It overheats (ironically) and turns off randomly. It failed us during an all important fantasy football draft. I could use my work laptop but clearly that violates the rules, so I avoid that.

I DO have my solid gold iPad (“Goldie”)*, which I’m digging. However, I hate typing on it! I prefer typing on a good old Qwerty keyboard that has clicky keys and with which I can flex my 70 words per minute muscles. Plus I’m so used to Android that I have trouble with features like copy/paste on IOS. I also don’t take a lot of pictures with my iPad, so I still have to turn to my phone for media.

I’m hoping that when I do get my new phone, the WordPress app will function smoothly on it and I will be an updating fool once again!

IN ANY EVENT, I am working on fixing up one such recent post that has been failing me and that I’ve had to retype a few times. I’ll try to make more of an effort to update even with my device situation. Stay tuned!

*I name everything. It’s a weirdness. Ask my sister.


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