Training Week 17 – Training OFFICIALLY OVER!

I am at the airport, finishing this post and looking forward to eating my Cosi sandwich on the plane! I’ve read that you should carbo load TWO days before a race, rather than the night before. Good thing there is a Cosi at the Virgin gate in Logan. Their bread is SO GOOD omg nom nom nom.

Yesterday I ran for the last time for this training session. The next time I run, I’ll have a number pinned to my shirt. It’s surreal!

My hamstring is okay some days and stings others. I’ve found that stretching it right before bed (actually IN bed, using a towel with my leg in the air) seems to help the most. Sometimes foam rolling helps it and sometimes it’s too agonizing. But I know that it will carry me 13.1 miles. It might sting along the way but it can make it.

Emotionally, I’m rotating between total zen and FREAKING THE FUCK OUT. Luckily there has been a lot to keep me busy (work, packing, planning all the wineries we want to visit, debating the merits between staying at the Wynn vs. Caesar’s Palace in Vegas) so I haven’t been dwelling on RUNNING 13 MILES too much.

Here’s what my final week of training looked like:

Sunday: Off – I think I went to the gym?

Monday: 3-5 easy miles. I ran 3.66 miles in 36:54.

Tuesday: 3-5 mile tempo. I warmed up with about a half mile, then did 4 miles at tempo (9:01 pace) and a 0.3 mile cool down. 4.89 miles total in 45:44.

By the way, Dan’s parents are taking care of Lucy while we are away, and Dan’s only opportunity to take her down to their house was Tuesday. I have been WITHOUT CAT since Tuesday. I miss this crazy girl!

Wednesday: off, rest hammy.

Thursday: 3-5 easy miles. I started to overthink this run before I even laced up. “Oh my goodness, last training run, what should I do, where should I go?” (Very Scarlett O’Hara). I had to flee the house before I overthought everything. I guess my feet were drawn to the reservoir, because that’s where I ended up running to on autopilot. I did 4.1 miles in 40:55. It was a gorgeous day. I gave my old New Balance 870 v3s one last spin for posterity. The New Balance 870 v4s are coming with me to California.


Friday: off.  I took a Flybarre class and went easy on the legs part of it.

Total miles for week 17: 12.65. Whoops, not even a half marathon!  I may have tapered too much, guys.


Time to board! No turning back now!


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