Training Week 16

Did anyone notice that I failed to do a Wine Wednesday this week? ::whistles nonchalantly::

This was my penultimate week of training. I’m in this “taper mode” which according to Google results, is the worst thing on the planet. You get bloated and cranky and every little cough and muscle twinge sends you into a doubt spiral. Plus you’re supposed to try to get lots of sleep during this time, and I am a notoriously bad sleeper. Fun times!

Oh, and you’re supposed to eat healthy and cut down on alcohol. Um, about that …

My hamstring is still stinging but it feels a little better this week. I just have to hang on for 8 more days!

Wait seriously? Yikes!

I am typing this after finishing my last “long” run of training. I didn’t have the benefit of a group run because everyone on my team just finished running their half marathon! I’m obsessively checking Facebook for updates and pictures. It looks like the whole team finished! I’m so happy for everyone!

Sunday: off. I’m getting way better at taking off days! It helps to be at the lake and playing cornhole, swimming, and drinking beers. You don’t miss running when you’re singing for your nephew, luring your sister’s puppy into the lake, and eating lobster!

Owen’s first cornhole game!

Monday: 3-5 easy miles. Just a typical morning loop, babying the hamstring. 3.46 miles in 36:48.

Tuesday (7/7): off. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ME!  My birthday present to myself was sleeping in and resting the hammy. I was contemplating going to a barre class, but Dan and I had too many fun activities on the agenda!

First was brunch at one of my FAVORITES: Deep Ellum. They serve brunch every day until 4:00 PM. That is so clutch. Brunch is the best and sometimes I don’t want to wait until Sunday to get it!

Not only does Deep Ellum allow me to satisfy my brunch craving on a random Tuesday, they also have the BEST food and beer. I had a egg and kielbasa breakfast sandwich, a Pretty Things Fringe Pale Ale, and what might be my favorite poutine ever.


After brunch, we went to the Apple store and picked out my present!

I’m really excited to have my new (SOLID GOLD) iPad – I can Facetime with my family and sing my crazy songs to Owen on the reg! Plus both my laptop and phone are getting old and creaky. Dan has already downloaded the GoPro app for his videos.


I had originally wanted to go to Assembly Row to go outlet shopping and hit up the Slumbrew beer garden, but by the time we finished at Apple, it was getting late. It was also an incredibly hot, humid day so we hit the pool for a bit.


For my birthday dinner, Dan made reservations at Alden & Harlow. I also did some research and found a place (Red House) that has an outdoor patio and dollar oysters! Their beer selection was great, but I had to try the Stork Club cocktail made with gin, St. Germain, lemon and Prosecco. They might as well have called that drink “Cindy’s Jam.”

(OH MY GOD. When Dan gets his homebrew empire started, I’m totally brewing a beer called Cindy’s Jam. It will probably be a Belgian IPA, because that shit is my jam. Okay, digression over).

Anyway, go to Red House. The oysters were shucked right in front of our faces and were delicious. I highly recommend this place!


And of course, Alden & Harlow was amazing. We got the chips and onion dip appetizer, which was awesome. I ordered angel hair and Dan got the chicken fried rabbit. We decided on an Italian wine to go with both, and it worked pretty well!


Good birthday! Now back to our regularly scheduled training update!

Wednesday: 3-5 mile tempo run. I did 4.17 miles in 40:11 minutes total. Unlike my other tempo runs, I actually did a one mile warm up at a slow speed. I have been reading my Meb for Mortals book and he recommends warming up and cooling down the tempo runs. I don’t know if it helped but I managed to keep the tempo part of the run within my goal (averaged 9:08 minute miles).

Thursday: in the morning, I did a quick full body workout concentrating on core.


That evening I ran the third (my second) Race Cancer Summer Series 5K! Once again the race was around the reservoir. I ran with Rachel who was still sore from having done 150 squats the day before, yeouch! Even though we took a couple recovery walking breaks, we ran this one faster than the first.

The best part of the Summer Series races is the beer! There’s a different beer sponsor every time and this time it was a personal favorite, Lagunitas! I celebrate their entire catalog. I also love running + beers drinking with my fellow hop-heads, Rachel, Dursin, Keith and Katie.

This is normally where I’d post a group photo but I have no fun photos from the race because I forgot my phone. Whoopsie.

Friday: off/cross-train. I took another Flybarre class (via ClassPass) and it was INSANE. Normally I can get through most of the barre exercises, though sometimes I come out of the posture for a quick recovery. However, there were some elements in this class that I couldn’t even START, let alone finish. We were squeezing a ball between our legs in bridge pose and then had to raise one leg to the ceiling. I swear I couldn’t even get my leg an inch off the ground, it was so hard. I definitely feel it in my glutes today!

Saturday: LAST LONG TRAINING RUN OMG! I didn’t set an alarm and actually slept in to almost 8:30 AM! Who am I? While it’s good for my taper to get lots of sleep, it meant having to start my run a lot later on a very warm day. I didn’t get out the door until 9:40 AM, when the sun was high.

Even though the run was only 6 miles, it was really difficult. I felt little twinges of doubt creep into my brain, but somehow managed to push them away temporarily. I listened to a True Detective podcast which really helped get my mind off of things. My hamstring was stinging but not as bad as it has been, so that’s positive!

I had planned out my route and it was almost exactly 6 miles according to the map, so I knew I was potentially cutting it close. Sure enough, when I reached my door I was not quite at 6.00, so I limped along further down the street and doubled back. I ended up doing a little extra for insurance. I did 6.11 miles in 1:00:57. I was drenched in sweat after this run, and it’s not even a particularly humid day! This is the weather I’m going to be facing in California so it was good practice.

Sweat. Everywhere.

Those taper doubts are real. As I am typing this, I’m thinking “oh my god, that’s not even half of the race and it was really hard.” SHUT UP BRAIN.

Total miles for week 16 (?!):  16.84. That’s a taper all right!

I’ll probably post next week’s update on Thursday or maybe Friday, while I’m FLYING TO CALIFORNIA!!! Race day is almost here!


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