Wine Wednesday – big California reds anyone?

Happy Wednesday, Winos! I’m about to pop open something awesome because I have not one, but TWO things to celebrate tonight!  First, yesterday I REACHED MY FUNDRAISING MINIMUM!

Thank you, anonymous donor who put me over the limit!

Second, Dan got his work schedule today (FINALLY) and he can come with me to Wine Country for the whole week!  It will actually be a vacation now!

I am so relieved on both fronts. The fundraising was so stressful and the amount I had to raise was quite high. I can’t believe I made it – THANKS TO YOU! Furthermore, Dan not knowing whether he would get any time off for the race and thereafter weighed on my mind as well. It has been impossible to make plans, but now we can relax!

Let’s ride this wine country high! I’ve had a few terrific California reds recently. Last week we made a Blue Apron steak recipe and I had just the wine in mind to go with it, this 2012 Alexander Valley Vineyards Estate Cabernet:


I bought this at BLM’s suggestion of a good steak wine, and it did not disappoint. I don’t remember specifics and I didn’t take notes, but I do recall it being everything I want in a California Cabernet – bold, fruity, tannic. I bought it for about $19.

On Monday, I treated Dan to a special steak dinner for his 35th birthday!


We hit Grill 23, a Boston steakhouse, for an AMAZING meal. I ordered the filet and Dan chose the 100 day aged ribeye, both of which were scrumtrulescent.

The wine list is completely overwhelming, so Dan narrowed down the choices to Cabernet, Syrah, or Zinfandel/Primitivo.  I chose (pretty much on a whim) the 2012 Stolpman Estate Syrah from Santa Ynez Valley:


The waiter said I had made a great choice, but I’m sure he says that to everyone. However, this was PERFECT. It was big and SO fruit forward, but also wonderfully tannic. It was perfect with the char on the grilled steaks. According to Stolpman Vineyard’s website, the 2012 Estate Syrah was their very best Estate Syrah to date. Apparently 2012 is a great vintage for that area and 2013 had the same ideal weather – something to keep in mind next time you’re faced with an overwhelming wine list!

Wine Links

Wine Tip – Restaurant Wine – Speaking of ordering wines in restaurants, you know how when you order a bottle of wine at a restaurant and the waiter first pours a taste? You are NOT evaluating whether or not you like the wine – you are merely confirming that the wine is not flawed in some way.

Dan and I once refused a bottle that was corked. It was easy to determine because the cork broke and pieces of cork were floating in the taste. And the wine tasted like swamp piss.

6 Dry Reds Show The Savory Side of Wine – mmm, Carmenere, Sangiovese, Sagrantino, Nebbiolo – my mouth is watering thinking of these!

And finally, Life is Better With Wine (obviously):

A Drunk + Wine = A Connoisseur

Get on wit yo’ classy selves!


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