Training Week 14

Welcome to the week I overdid it!

Remember last week when I spoiler alerted you to the fact that I was registered for the BAA 10K? The day after my longest ever run to date? Yeah, about that.

Sunday: I woke up at about 6 or so to the sound of a TORRENTIAL downpour. Seriously, it was raining buckets. You remember, you were probably there. Between the weather and the fact that I had run 12.4 miles the day before, I was uncertain about going through with the race. I really wanted to run but my legs were feeling rough and my troublesome hamstring was yapping at me. I talked it through with Dan, who suggested “at least go down there and get free stuff.”

(I had been thinking the same thing. THIS IS WHY WE’RE MARRIED).

I hemmed and hawed and petted the cat and probably got scratched by the cat and changed clothes and changed clothes AGAIN and debated eating my usual pre-race fuel and finally decided “screw it, I’m running this. BRING ON BANANAS AND PEANUT BUTTER.”


All that hemming and hawing made me late and I had to take an Uber to the start line. Manuel, my driver, kept trying to talk me out of it. “You’re going to be calling me to take you back!” Funny because the whole way there the rain had let up, but of course it was pouring again when I got out. At that point, there was no avoiding getting soaked. The people holding umbrellas in the corrals? Adorable. Congratulations on getting soaked 5 minutes later than me.


The pouring rain was so ridiculous it was funny. Once I was completely soaked, I knew I wasn’t going to get any wetter! I was able to laugh about it and ended up enjoying the whole experience!

I took it very slow on my tired legs. After the first mile, the rain slowed to a light drizzle. After the second mile, I reached the part of Comm. Ave near BU and saw the faster runners on the fourth mile. I kept my eyes peeled and actually saw Jarod running towards me. We high fived without breaking stride.

While on the course I practiced the art of drinking at the water stops without choking. I ran with my iPod shuffle but didn’t even bother turning it on until after the fourth mile. At that point my legs were aching and I needed a pleasant distraction.

After I passed the fifth mile marker, I looked down at my watch and saw that a sub-hour finish was possible. Against my better judgment, I sped up significantly and started tearing through the crowd. According to the splits from my watch, I increased my pace by a full minute on the last mile!

Monday: ALL THE REST. Seriously, I could barely walk. Right Hammy was DISPLEASED, to say the least.

Tuesday: Even more rest. I woke up and Right Hammy was still stinging so I decided to take one more day off of running. I did make it to the gym for an upper body and core workout.


Wednesday: I really wanted to go to November Project but I didn’t want to have three days off of running in a row. So I went for a slooooooooooooooooow easy jog to get back into it. I did 3.45 miles in 36:29.

Thursday: I woke up and Right Hammy was still NOT in the mood. So I did what I haven’t done during the entire training session.

I skipped a run.

I needed it. I overdid it this weekend and needed an extra break. It was totally fine.

Friday: Cindy runs again! Woo! I had to choose between 3-5 easy miles or the workout that is my JAM (12x200s). I went with the easy to take care of Stupid Hammy and because I was facing a 12 miler on Saturday. I did an easy loop around my neighborhood and covered 3.64 miles in 38:23.

Later that evening I took a CorePower Yoga class through ClassPass. The CorePower 1 – Beginning Power Yoga Class was exactly what I needed. It was more active than some of the other yoga classes I’ve tried at other studios, but it was paced well enough to allow me to give my legs some TLC. I really like basic flow classes where I can do all the poses. I even held a crow pose for 2 seconds!

Friday evening I was a good girl. I carbo-loaded on brown rice for dinner, had no booze, and went to bed super early. I was preparing for our longest group run of the season!

Saturday: 12 mile group run at the Lexington/Lincoln Battle Path. This was our longest scheduled group run! Most of the team is running the Portland half marathon in two weeks, so those folks are tapering after this. Those of us running Napa/Sonoma have an extra week of training, so next week’s run is still a long one but not quite as long (10 miles).

Coach Marc explained that the route is not quite 12 miles so we would have to do a couple extra out-and-backs to round it out. I started out with a group of people because I was NOT going to get lost again! I ran with my teammates Kaitlin and Marene for most of the time, and there were a couple spots when we had to stop and reassess the route so as not to get lost. There was an honest-to-goodness bathroom on the route! With a flushing toilet and soap and paper and everything! This is important for us IBD runners.

I don’t know when I became a super positive, cheerlead-y runner, but I was so that annoying person on Saturday! When we stopped for water at mile 8 I was all “we’re 2/3 of the way done!” instead of thinking “holy crap we still have 4 miles to go?” When my watch beeped at mile 9, I told Kaitlin “We have less than a 5K left!” It was so hard doing the last out-and-back at the end of the run, because we had to pass the stopping point to do it! We saw people who had already finished but we still had 1.6 miles left to go, blah. We kept going and started to pull over when we heard a runner coming up behind us. But it was Coach Marc coming to run with us! We are very lucky to have great support.

When we turned around and were heading back on our 0.8 mile home stretch, I saw someone out of the corner of my eye on the road. Dan! He came for the post-run festivities and happened to see us running on the trail. He pulled over and cheered us along. We turned into the parking lot just as another part of our group was arriving, so we all finished together. I ran along for a tiny bit extra so Runkeeper can’t try to shortchange me. 12.03 miles in 2:13:37, with a couple water and bathroom breaks.

After the run, we had a little celebration with bagels and treats. We got our goody bags for race weekend! There were even handwritten thank you notes from our honorees.


Typical Lucy

And now that I’m within arm’s length of my fundraising goal, I am so excited for race weekend! Now we’re just keeping our fingers crossed that Dan gets the week off so we can stay in wine country.

Total miles for Week 14: 25.32 – not bad for taking an extra rest day! Just slightly less than last week’s 25.62.

Have a great week!


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