Training Week 13

What a weekend! I hope all the dads had a great Father’s Day. I got to see my dad TWICE this weekend, which was great! He even attended my wine tasting event, which I’ll be recapping shortly (spoiler alert: it went great!). Here’s to one of my biggest supporters – love you Dad!


Sunday: off. I spent the day at the Old Port Fest with Jenni, Mike and baby Owen!

wpid-img_20150614_142719.jpg wpid-img_20150620_164300.jpg

Owen was such a good boy and only put up a tiny fuss when we were all drinking and he felt left out.


Speaking of left out, I can’t leave out Linus!


Monday: 4.96 easy miles in 49:08. Nothing fancy, just my usual morning “leave the house and run a loop” jog.

Tuesday: 45 minute tempo run. I hadn’t done a true tempo run in awhile (besides running in races) so I really wanted to put in a good effort on this one. I went along the Charles and booked it. I managed to get in 5.16 miles in 45 minutes (average pace 8:42).

Wednesday: Harvard stadium with November Project. I did a full tour of 37 sections in 42:14, which I am happy with!


I decided to substitute a hard run for this workout. Last week I did the stadium stairs as a cross-training workout in addition to my runs and it was too rough on my legs.

Thursday: In the morning I did a quick strength training circuit. I neglected strength all week so I wanted to do enough to at least maintain!


That evening, for my 3-5 mile easy run, I did the Race Cancer Summer Series 5K! I ran a few of these 5Ks last year and really liked them, so I signed up for a season pass this year. They had to move the race to the Chestnut Hill reservoir from the Charles due to permitting. It was a PERFECT night for a race and I ran with my friend Rachel. She ran the Boston Marathon in 2012 (the year it was 90 degrees!) so I picked her brain about fundraising and training. And, of course, shoes and clothes!


There’s a different craft beer sponsor each race and this time, it was Narragansett Del’s Shandy (a household favorite!)

wpid-img_20150618_211424.jpg wpid-img_20140731_102618.jpg

That’s one of my favorite pictures of baby Lucy!

Friday: off/cross-train. I took a FlyBarre class and it was super challenging! I had to get out of position to rest a LOT. I really liked the instructor, Ashley. Anytime she came over and made an adjustment, she asked “does that feel okay?” That never happens and I really appreciated it!

Saturday: not only did we have 11 miles on the menu, we had 11 miles along the NEWTON HILLS – yikes! That’s Heartbreak Hill for those keeping score at home. Thankfully I did not indulge in too much wine at my fundraiser (otherwise there would have been none left for the generous guests!).

I ran with my teammate Heather and we were joined by Lori for some of the time. Another teammate, Mark, jogged along with us for some of the time too, but took a shortcut back to save his legs. He put in his 11 miles earlier and was taking it easy to run the BAA 10K scheduled on Sunday.

(SPOILER ALERT: I signed up for the BAA 10K too, but didn’t have the foresight to, I don’t know, NOT run 11 miles the day before. Whoops).

Anyway, towards the end of the route, Heather and I are just running along and gabbing away. I’m pretty sure we were talking about running clothes when we missed the turn we were supposed to take to get back to the start. Once we hit our 11 mile mark, Heather looks around and says “Um, I think we ended up in Waltham.”

Whoops again.

We walked a little bit but basically ran the whole way back to the starting point. We ended up covering 12.4 miles running (and a little more walking). At least we were in good company! I stopped and restarted my Polar Bear so I know that we did 11.26 miles in 2:04:33. I can’t believe I have now run for more than 2 hours straight!

Total mileage for Week 13: 25.62. This is up from last week’s 24.79 and that’s even with substituting a run with November Project. Woo!

Have a great week!


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