Happy Wine (Tasting) Wednesday, er, Friday!

I’ll just say that I waited until today to post my Wine Wednesday because today is the day of my wine tasting fundraiser and leave it at that!

(Tonight, 6:30 PM, Brookline Liquor Mart, back room, come!)

Anyway, happy wine drinking!

Do you ever find a bottle in your wine rack and realize you know NOTHING about it? You don’t know when and where and why you bought it and/or you don’t know what grapes or region it comes from?

Or maybe you DON’T have a wine buying problem like me?

Anyway, I was deciding what bottle to pop on Sunday for the Game of Thrones finale (SPOILER ALERT: Dany drops her ring). I scoured the wine rack and found this:

Now, at any given time, we probably have about 20-25 bottles of vino stashed around the condo. Usually if I buy wine I have SOME memory of purchasing it and maybe one or two details about it (this one was smoky! this is for steak! this was dirt cheap!), but not here! Furthermore, it’s labeled in a traditional Italian way and not in an “Americans are dumb and need everything spelled out for them” way. As a dumb American, I was at a loss. I Googled the wine. And THEN I remembered that I’m a total hoarder and keep all my wine tasting notes!

This 2013 Terre Nere Etna Rosso is from Sicily and is comprised of 95% Nerello Mascalese and 5% Nerello Cappucio. According to BLM’s tasting notes, Nerello Mascalese is the star red grape from Mount Etna and is grown in a cool area of hot Sicily 2,000-3,000 above sea level! The vines are grown in volcanic soils. The tasting notes describe the grape as having a “surprising elegance” and “Burgundian character.”

I loved this! When we first opened it and aerated it a little, I stuck my nose in and thought it had a leathery smell. Dan found it savory.  It definitely mellowed out and became smoother and smoother to drink over time. It was light bodied and refreshing. If you like Pinot Noir, I’d recommend it! According to Vivino, it retails for about $22-23. BLM had it for $20.99 and I bought it for $16.79 with the discount. So worth it!

Wine Links

Speaking of Italian wine, Wine Folly recommends the Puglia region as Italy’s Secret to Value. Dan and I had a Salice Salento taste test one night – these wines are great and since no one knows them, you can get them on the cheap! Trader Joe’s has some great values.

Also, here is Wine Folly’s Essential List of Wine Accessories! You’ll see some of my favorites on there. I don’t need a fancy wine opener – all I need is a waiter’s friend (and sometimes Dan for a particularly stuck cork).

This has nothing to do with wine, but I think I need this bottle band.

This also has nothing to do with wine, but I wish Fabletics had these capris available in time for the Freedom Run!  I might have to sign up for a July 4 race for an excuse to buy them!

That’s it for Wine Wednesday two days late! Don’t forget to come to my tasting tonight!

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