Training Week 12

I am late getting this training update out, but I have a great excuse. I spent most of my time this weekend hanging with my sister, brother-in-law, and new nephew!

Normally I write my training recap after my Saturday group training run, after gorging on eggs, stretching, and petting the cat. But this past Saturday I missed the group run and just ran the prescribed mileage myself to save some time (since my sister lives about 2 hours away). I then gorged on eggs, rushed to get ready, and hit the road heading up to Maine!

Anyway, the highlight of Week 12 was Sunday:


Sunday: the Cambridge 5K Freedom Run! This race is put on by the same folks who do the Craicfest. It was such a great time! And speaking of great times:

New personal record!

I told myself going into the 5K, “You ran 10 miles for the first time in your life less than 24 hours ago. Be nice to yourself. Run this for fun. Don’t try to go fast.”


Normally I start a race near the back and have fun passing people along the way. This time I started in the middle and as a result, SO MANY people passed me. But I didn’t care because anytime I glanced down at my watch, I saw a great pace. I told myself I could always slow down if I wanted to, but I never wanted to!


We had perfect weather for the race and especially for the after party! We celebrated with lots of craft beer and hotdogs!



Monday: REST DAY like crazy. Between Saturday (10 miles) and Sunday (3.1 miles), I actually ran a half marathon!

Tuesday: 4.3 miles in 43:30 on a slightly hilly route. While stretching I sipped on a new favorite recovery drink: 4 oz. cold brew coffee, 6 oz. milk, and a scoop of vanilla protein powder. So good!


That afternoon Dan and I hit up the CorePower/Beantown Bootcamp class on the Greenway. The rain cut the class short slightly but we definitely got a good workout. For FREE. With swag. Basically they paid us to exercise.image

Wednesday: off/cross train. I finally made it back to November Project! It had been almost two months since I last ran the stadium stairs. I got there at 5:30 AM and made a plan to leave by 6:10 AM so I could get to work in Tewksbury on time. I managed to finish 27 sections! The next day my calves hated me.

Thursday: 6 x 1 mile repeats with 3:00 rests. This was the workout that made me cry! I decided to do it completely differently from last time so as not to dredge up those negative feelings. I went to the Charles and decided to run 3 repeats out and 3 repeats back. I ignored my watch and just ran whatever pace felt good but challenging, then walked for 3:00 in between each repeat. I ended up covering 6.84 miles in 1:11:09.

Honestly, I didn’t really like this workout. I think I would rather just do a 6 mile tempo run than run/walk/run/walk. I definitely like other types of speedwork better (200s!).

Also, I have a lot of complaints about the Polar M400 that I won’t bore you with here. I’m really disappointed in it, but I guess I can’t be mad about how much I ended up paying for it.

Friday: 3.06 easy miles in 32:00 exactly. My legs were so tired from this week, so I really needed just a short little distance.

Saturday: 8.33 miles in 1:25:56 (10:18 average pace). This was my first long run alone! I loaded up a bunch of podcasts on my shuffle and geared up. I found my Spibelt, thank goodness! Here is all my gear for my 8 miler, except for my phone (which is taking the picture, duh) and my mosquito bracelet that I forgot to take off for the picture:


I had the T pass and $20 for potential emergencies. I carried a small bottle of water with me because it was HUMID CITY. I also experimented with a caffeinated Gu to see if it would give me a boost. It did not.

I started running just at 7:00 AM. My plan was to run to my usual starting spot along the Charles, run to the Mass. Ave bridge, and loop back through Back Bay/Kenmore and past Boston University.  Rain seemed imminent, but it held off. The sun actually peaked out a few times, so I kicked myself for not putting on sunblock. As for the run, I didn’t bother checking my pace at all. I just jogged along, listened to whacked out Game of Thrones theories, and took in the beautiful views.


At about the 6.25 mile mark (right near BU) I started feeling cranky, but I managed to hang on until the end. I think this was a great workout mentally, because I was alone and didn’t have teammates to rely upon for distraction and support.

Total miles for Week 12: 24.79 (I only counted the 6 running miles from Thursday).


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