Wine Wednesday

Happy Wine Wednesday (or Winesday Wednesday as per nutcaseinpoint – love it!)

When Dan works evening shifts, we barely see each other during the week. I’m out of the house before he wakes up and usually asleep in bed by the time he gets home after 11:00 PM. He had Tuesday off of work this week, so we celebrated Wine Wednesday Eve!

First, we hit up the free Beantown Bootcamp session on the Greenway and enjoyed tons of swag thanks to CorePower. Have you had these protein shakes? They’re really good! (I’m not being paid to say that).

A free workout AND a free shake, towel, and tech shirt!

Anyway, this past week’s wine tasting theme at BLM was the Pacific Northwest with great offerings from Oregon and Washington. The second I sniffed and sipped this one, I had one thought: pepper!


This 2012 Christopher Michael Cabernet Sauvignon is big and smooth with lots of peppery spiciness. It’s interesting that the grapes are grown in Washington but the wine is made in Oregon. Per BLM’s tasting notes, 2010 and 2011 were cool growing seasons in Washington, but 2012 was a normal warm growing season.

I did my usual pairing with dark and milk chocolate but found that the sweetness of the chocolate muted the wine. We only drank half the bottle (we got home late after bootcamp) so I may experiment with other pairings and report back!  It retails for $17.99 and we got it for $14.39 with the tasting discount. It’s a screw top closure, so think of it for your next campfire!


Wine Links

You know I love me some aerators! Here’s a review of the VinoMax, which sounds like my trusty Vinturi on steroids.

Here is a GREAT inexpensive wine resource. Instead of just listing vineyards and wineries that offer great wines at great bargains, Wine Folly gives you an overview of the best value wines per region! I love it. To put my two cents in, I’ve often been told that if a wine is trendy, there will be a lot of sub-par inexpensive options out there. So go out and buy South African wine now because it’s becoming more and more trendy!



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