Training Week 11

AKA Donut WEEK.  Amateurs celebrate donuts with a mere DAY.

AKA this is the week I hit double digits, baby!

Sunday: off day. Dan had the morning off and we decided to take a road trip to Saugus for Kane’s Donuts. If you ever have an opportunity, GO TO THERE. They have millions of varieties and every donut was ginormous and delicious. Normally when we go to fancy pants donut shops, Dan and I pick out 3 or 4 to split. We had to get a half dozen at Kane’s. There were too many delicious options!

Clockwise from top right: Caramel Apple, Maple Bacon, PB&J, Creme Brulee, Red Velvet, and good old Chocolate Frosted

Later that day, fueled by sugar and fat, I did this workout at the gym:image

Monday: 8 x 400m at 5K pace with 2:00 rests (this is how the workout is written on the training plan. My teammate Leslie thought I was crazy and hardcore for using the fancy running terminology but really I’m just parroting the experts!)

We had a monsoon early this week so I took to the treadmill.  Unlike 200s, 400s are easy to figure out on a treadmill that only does imperial units. 400 = 0.25 miles. Bam. I ended up running a quarter mile at a jogging pace (6 mph) and a quarter mile at a faster pace (7.5 mph). I crept up to 8.0-8.5 mph pace for the last two intervals because I had a little left in the tank. Also because someone got on the treadmill right beside me, so I had to go faster. It’s a rule where I come from.

I did not fall off the treadmill (this time).

That bitch face, though.

Monday’s total was 4 miles in 35:45.

I have not mastered the art of the treadmill shot.

Tuesday: 3-5 mile easy run. It was STILL raining but there was no way I was hitting the dreadmill again. I ran easy and SLOW and covered 4.72 miles in 50:35. Luckily the rain was VERY light and my new visor protected my face well.

Can we talk about how ridiculous it is that on June 2, 2015, I was wearing WOOL SOCKS to go running? Step up, summer.


Wednesday: Easy 3-5 miles. I woke up at 5:00 AM to exchange this run for a November Project stadium workout, but remember how I didn’t make it? It was because my car was broken into sometime before Wednesday morning!

The passenger side door was ajar (I must have forgotten to lock it) and there were items littered all over the driver’s seat. I freaked out and roused Dan from sleep, poor guy. Our tired brains were able to figure out that NOTHING was taken, not even my sunglasses or an Altoids tin full of change. Thank goodness. I was still freaked out though and by the time we sorted through everything, it was too late to go to NP. But it was still early and I needed to blow off some steam (and it was National Running Day), so I ended up doing an easy run anyway. I covered 4.11 miles in 41:40.

Thursday – I signed up for another Beantown Bootcamp class (via ClassPass) per coach Lori’s recommendation. This one was an Outdoor Ample Running Bootcamp and it was HARDCORE.  We ran to different locations and stopped to do different bootcamp style workouts – high knees, squats, lunges, etc. We did hill repeats in different locations and then ran to the Common for “Indian sprints” and more drills – bear crawls, pushups, etc.

The hardest part was a series consisting of an uphill sprint, 5 burpees, and a slow jog downhill. “Rockstars” repeated this 5 times and I managed to eke out 4 sets. You know, before running to a different location to run stairs, then run and do wall sits and other torture!  This was exhausting, but it was almost fun to do different things and not know what was coming next.

I’m not sure how much mileage we covered, because I didn’t have my watch on a setting that used GPS (I will next time!). But Mr. Polar Bear told me that I burned 574 calories in 55 minutes, yowza! Afterwards, coach Lori mentioned that the trainer said I did a good job! Phew!

Friday: off! It was National Donut Day.  Because I hadn’t gorged myself ENOUGH on donuts earlier in the week, I had to partake in a free donut from Dunks.


I took a Relax and Restore yoga class (at CSC via ClassPass). This was basically nap time with some stretches. I barely moved throughout the class and I think Polar Bear thought I was dead. In the future I won’t wear my heart rate monitor to a yoga class, because it totally affected my deep breathing.

Saturday: Group 10 mile run! I was so excited for this one for two reasons: 1) it would be my first run in double-digit mileage and 2) it was taking place in my backyard! We met at the Artesani Park parking lot, where I have started a lot of my runs. Before we got hot and sweaty, we tried on some of our racing singlets to ensure we order the right size.image

After our warm up we headed out! I really like running and chatting with my teammates along the way because it makes the time fly by! We were running at a comfortable pace and conditions were just PERFECT: great weather, flat course, lovely scenery. I wish I had my phone on me for pictures, but I could not find my SPIbelt that morning! How did I lose it a week after I bought it?!

Hey, I wonder if I left it in my car and the thief took it!

Anyway, at the last two miles of the run, I was feeling great. I pretended that I was on the last two miles of a typical run which definitely helped propel me to finish. When I got to the parking lot I looked down at my watch and saw 9.92 miles. You know I had to keep going to see that 10!


10.08 miles in 1:41:59. I felt amazing after this. I was in SUCH a good mood. The runner’s high is real!

I was buzzing for quite awhile so I hung out after and chatted beer with the coaches. Coach Marc keeps a spreadsheet of EVERY beer he has tried. It is REMARKABLE. Here is a snippet featuring a household favorite:

BeerMy coaches are my heroes in so many different ways. 🙂

Total miles for Week 11: 22.91 + whatever miles we covered at Beantown Bootcamp (probably at least 2-3).  The prior week was 25.69 so I’m probably right around that.


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