Wine Wednesday

Or “Whine Wednesday” as per this Buzzfeed video:

I was totally on board until he ragged on croutons. CROUTONS ARE EVERYTHING. They add texture and crunch and garlicky goodness. What’s the point of having a salad without croutons? Croutons are like toast. Who hates toast?

Also, the level in his glass does NOT go down. I’m not buying the intoxication.

Anyway, why whine on Wednesday when you can WINE on Wednesday!

Lucy stalking her prey

I had to pick up a bottle of 90+ Cellars after they agreed to make a donation to my fundraiser! More details to follow SHORTLY. I’ve sung the praises of 90+ before and I’m loving the earthiness of Lot 92 Merlot! It’s 2013 from Mendocino, CA and I picked it up for $12.99. From the tasting notes:

A mild blend of red plums, currants and cedar aromas with a touch of earthy goodness. The wine is medium to full-bodied and impeccably balanced with a firm texture and a long, savory finish. Pour a few glasses alongside slow grilled BBQ beef ribs, wild mushroom risotto, or grilled tomatoes with garlic and sage.

Wine Links

Set up your own food and wine pairing – YES! This is way more legit than my usual food and wine pairing taste test, which is “does this wine taste better with dark or milk chocolate.”

Once you have the pairings down, host a wine tasting party! And invite me please.

As an aside, do you know that today is National Running Day? I celebrated with a 4 mile easy run, but it wasn’t my intention! I was planning to go to November Project this morning but my plans got thwarted (long story), so I went for a run instead.

Running + wine on National Running Day, is how I do!



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