Training Week 10

AKA the week I cried.

It took 9 1/2 weeks before running made me cry, which is a win in my book.

It’s also the week I ran over 9 miles, so let’s focus on the positive!

Sunday: off/cross train. I took a class at btone which was really difficult. I was the only one in the class using the red stability pole. I didn’t even care. This counts as both my training and abs.

Monday: 4.88 mile easy run in 47:40. Happy Memorial Day! I ran along the Charles and saw many people enjoying the day. This is probably my hottest and most humid run to date! I went out around noontime. It felt good! This information will be important later.


Running Outfit of the Day (ROOD):


The tank is New Balance Girls Night Out swag and the cleave is courtesy of the TaTa Tamer from the Lululemon Outlet.

Core work: 1:30 min. stability ball plank, 4 x 25 stability ball crunches,

Tuesday: 12 x 200 repeats at 5K pace with 1:00 rest. 3.08 miles in 26:20. Once again, I found this workout enjoyable. My times improved from the last time I did this workout!


ROOD x 2!


The top is Old Navy ($8!) and the capris are Fabletics.

In the evening I took another btone class (abs!). Btone is a Lagree fitness class using the Megaformer machine. This promo video provides illustration of some of the exercises (the move that starts at 0:50 is SO hard).

Wednesday: off/cross train. Dan and I went to Beantown Bootcamp and worked up a SWEAT!

We did a lot of core exercises (plank jacks, mountain climbers, sit ups) during the bootcamp, so that counts as my daily abs.

Thursday: 6 x 1 mile repeats at 10K pace with 3:00 rest. In the morning I took a Pure Barre class (CORE) because there was one slot available. Due to this, I waited until my lunch break to go for my run. I figured there would be fewer people on the road and I had success the last time I ran in the afternoon (Monday).

HUGE mistake.

It was humid, sunny, and nearly 90 degrees that afternoon. The sun was beating down and there was no breeze like when I ran along the river. I was wearing terrible, non-running socks. I experienced pure Polar Rage during this run while trying to maintain my 10K pace. After 4 excruciating mile repeats, I gave up and quit. I was so frustrated that I just started crying. Luckily Dan was around to talk some sense. “It was hot! It was the worst time of day! You got in your head! You took a class in the morning!”

I am reassured after talking to Dan and consulting all my running resources (coach, blogs, Runnit, podcasts). Once in awhile you have a bad run that you can’t finish. It won’t blow up your training. You learn from it and move on. From now on, I’m going to prioritize my runs for early morning and make sure to only take classes on off days or easy run afternoons. I bought two new pairs of running socks. I still finished 4.66 miles in 48:15, which isn’t nothing.

Friday: 3.91 easy run in 40:57. I needed this to bounce back from Thursday. I purposefully went slow. I also made sure to throw in a few hills. My legs were aching but I felt accomplished after this.

Saturday: 9.16 mile group run in 1:33:25. We went back to the Lexington Bike Path. It was a lovely day, a little hot for running but thankfully the bike path is shaded most of the way. We ran out and back and I swear the entire way back was entirely up a slow hill. It was excruciating!


Total miles for Week 10: 25.69 (up from last week’s 24.88).


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