Wine Wednesday – Montepulciano and the perfect tank top

Instead of drinking wine tonight, I EXERCISED. WTF? Beantown Bootcamp is offering free classes on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings and I convinced Dan to try a class with me.

The class was awesome! It stared with a group warm-up and then we divided into small groups for circuit stations. We spent 30 seconds at each station (about 16 or so total) and did the whole circuit 3 times. The stations featured exercises like bear crawls, ball slams, REAL burpees (not squat thrusts!), and jumping lunges. The instructor complimented Dan on his high knees in front of the whole group. Teacher’s pet!

I rocked a new tank top I purchased at zulily. As soon as I saw it I knew it would be mine!

Before the workout – significantly less sweaty than after!

Fear not, I do have some wine to report on. Do you like Montepulciano? I sure do! (Exhibit A).


I learned a new phrase this weekend from our friends at BLM:”Calital” – to describe grapes native to Italy but grown in California. This is Jacuzzi in a nutshell! This 2013 Montepulciano is from Tracy Hills, but you’ll often see it hailing from the Abruzzo region of Italy.

This is full-bodied and dark, but really juicy and fruity. We enjoyed this on the porch on a crisp afternoon/early evening. Per the tasting notes, this wine is “deeply colored with a nose of blueberry, violet and coffee, the palate is loaded with dark berry flavors and cassis.”

Wine Links

Burpees to Bubbly writes about a wine delivery service, Club W – sounds great!

Need tips about ordering the perfect glass of wine at a restaurant? Cup of Jo has got you covered.



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