Training Week 9

At one point during this week of training I thought, “Dude, this is a LOT of running!” I had 4 days in a row of running 4+ miles and our scheduled group run was double that. Do you think I got through it? Tune in and find out!

Oh wait, you already did. Um, yeah, here it is!

Sunday: off/cross-train. I did a barre class at Simply Barre in Southie. I like this class because its format is basically the same as Pure Barre and it usually has an opening on ClassPass (referral link!). It’s also located next to a craft beer store! I picked up Pretty Things Flowerland after my class.


Monday: 4.31 easy miles at 40:21. Hmm, looking back on this, that is probably too fast for an easy run. That’s almost my tempo goal speed! I ran in the afternoon because I was up late the night before watching the Mad Men finale, which I really liked.

The problem with running in the afternoon is TRAFFIC. I love running first thing in the morning because no one is on the road and I don’t have to wait too long at any stoplights. Even though this run is mostly along the river, I do have to cross a couple busy streets. Waiting is the worst. My Polar M400 (Polar Bear!) has an automatic pause feature when my pace drops to 0:00, but for some reason it didn’t seem to be working on Monday, so I manually paused my stops.

Tuesday: 8 x 400 at 5K pace with 2:00 rests. I ended up doing one lap at pace and one lap rest to make it easier and covered 4.07 miles in 36:11 minutes. Again, my pace laps were probably WAY too fast and way too inconsistent, falling between 7:10 – 7:40 minute miles. Next time I do a track workout, I’m going to actually try to follow my 5K pace and keep it consistent. Promise!

While I was at the track. I saw this contraption.

Is it a balance beam? Why is a balance beam on the track? Is it a conditioning thing? I asked Dan and he thought it might be a steeplechase? I dunno.

Wednesday: 4.1 easy miles at 41:24 – much better easy pace than Monday! I ran around the reservoir again so the to/from gave me some hills for practice.

Later that day I took a Body Pump class. I remembered that I experienced some inner right thigh pain after doing Body Pump and hills, so I cut back on the weight for the squat part, going 10 lbs lighter than I usually do.

Thursday: 40 minute tempo run – This was a bad one. After a few minutes, my mindset went from tempo run to “just get through this run.” My legs were tired from running 4 days in a row and taking Body Pump, so I was cranky. I also experienced some Watch Rage (maybe I should call it Polar Bear Rage?) because at one point I looked down and it gave me the totally wrong pace. 11:40? CINDY ANGRY.

At that point, I was totally in my own head. I knew I wasn’t going to make my goal tempo pace (9:09 minute miles) but I still managed to chug along and finish the run without looking at my watch until the end. You would imagine my surprise when I checked it and saw that my average pace was 9:07! I’m so glad I stuck it out. Sometimes bad runs aren’t bad runs!

Later that night I took a class at Pure Barre. I actually set a reminder to book the class the second the reservations were open.

This class was KILLER on the abs. I have been neglecting my core since I fell off of doing the Ultimate Plank Challenge I mentioned a couple of weeks ago. The side planks did me in. I am really bad at full side planks in general (balanced on your hand, not forearm), so once you start adding leg lifts or taps to those, I just topple over.

Friday: a NECESSARY off day! I just did a little easy elliptical and some stretching. I started feeling that inner thigh pain again! I think I need to lay off the Body Pump for the rest of the training. Sad face.

I kicked off the long weekend at the waterfront. We stopped for a drink at Legal Harborside, which I’ve always dismissed as a tourist trap, but it turned out to be pretty nice!

We then went over to the Lawn on D for Narragansett’s Del’s on D – an outdoor party in Southie with games, food trucks, Narraganset beers and SWINGS!



I haven’t been going out a lot on Fridays lately, with my early morning Saturday training runs and all. I ended up having 4 beers at this outdoor event, which is probably too much!


I stuck to beers that were 5% ABV or less (one 16 oz. Notch Left of the Dial, one 16 oz. Narragansett Del’s Shandy, and two 12 oz. Narragansett Summer Ales), stopped at 7:00 PM, and drank a lot of water afterwards. Nevertheless I woke up feeling a little dry the next morning.

Saturday: 8 mile group run in 1:16:16 – we CRUSHED this run today! We returned to Carson Beach and once again, it was in the 40s when we arrived! However, today was sunny and warmed quickly. It was cold for standing still but great for running. The wind was merciful and only picked up in a few places.

I figured I had everything going against me this run. I had 4 beers the day before. The water fountains weren’t turned on (WTF, DCR?), so I could not sip water or use my Gu Chomps along the way. I ran with some speedy ladies and at one point my coach Lori thought I was too out of breath and suggested slowing down. Even with all of this working against me, I kept a really good pace! I ran the last mile with Hannah, which was so helpful. We complained for the whole last mile and it was awesome. At one point I looked down and saw that our pace was 8:46!

Polar Bear gave me a new trophy for longest distance. I then spent about 45 minutes in pigeon pose.


Lucy wanted to get in on the action, too.


Total miles for week 9: 24.88 (last week I didn’t post, but it was 19.12).

This week I’m going to focus on improving my core strength! I’m going to update my training post with both running and ab work.


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