Training Week 8

I am halfway through my training. HALF. WAY. At first I thought a 16 week training program sounded pretty long, but now that I’m already halfway through, I’m hoping it’s enough!

This week featured the longest run in the history of my life. On Saturday Team Challenge met in Lexington for a 7 miler on the historic Battle Path and had a party to celebrate “recommitment.” Up until this moment, I was free to drop out of the race. Now that I have recommitted, I am officially on the hook financially if don’t raise my minimum. Please, PLEASE consider donating!

Shameless plug
Shameless plug

Our two team honorees (two great young boys with Crohn’s and colitis on whose behalf we run) attended this run/party with their awesome families and provided water along the course. After the run, team members shared our favorite moments of the season so far and cried and laughed and cried. I am amazed by how inspirational the people on our team really are. One teammate is a high school student running on behalf of his sisters. One woman asked us to keep our fingers crossed that her son’s recent stomach issues are just the flu. Another woman was in remission when we started the season and now is not.

This is so real and so much more than just training for a run.


… And on that note, here is my week of training for a run:

Sunday: off. I took a restorative yoga class after celebrating Mother’s Day and other various family events. It was a relaxing, slow flow class. I liked it but I don’t think I was in the right mindset for it at the time.

Monday: 3.86 easy miles at 38:45, including some little hills. I did this run in the morning and went to the gym in the afternoon for some strength training. I was FEELING the squats and lunges the next day despite taking it easy on the lower body!

Tuesday: 12×200 with 1:00 rests. I learned my lesson after trying this interval workout on the treadmill so I went to the track at 5:30 AM. Instead of 1:00 rests, I “rested” with 200 meter jogs, which made the sequence logistically easier. That way, I was starting each rest and each speed interval at the same place.

This may sound weird, but I thought this one was fun! The 200m runs were short so I could push the pace the whole time. Sometimes I struggle towards the end of a 400 or 800.

I also thought I would lose count is the laps, as I am an exercise scatterbrain and always lose count of reps while doing strength work or abs! So I made sure to hit the “lap” button on my Polar M400 after every interval. Not only did it help me keep count in the moment, but when I synced the watch data to my computer, I was able to see a full breakdown of every lap! Slowly but surely I am figuring out the features on my toy!

Wednesday: 5.04 mile easy run in 49:30. I knew we were going to have pizza for lunch at work today so I purposefully did a long run in anticipation of the yummy greasy calories. Don’t lie and say you’ve never done that.

Thursday: 4 x 800 at 5K pace with 2:00 rests. I swapped the scheduled 800 repeats to try a workout recommended by my coach. Thursday morning I went to Beantown Bootcamp to try its Tread Tabata class. It was a circuit workout done tabata style, which means 20 seconds of high intensity work followed by 10 seconds of rest. Half of our class started on the floor and the other half started on treadmills (and other cardio machines). I started on the treadmill. We ran between our 85-100% sprint pace for 20 seconds and jumped to the side for our 10 second rest. We did that 8 times total and then switched to the floor. On the floor we did various strength and conditioning movements in the same 20/10 format. It was a great workout and I was SWEATING like a beast. Two of our four treadmill sessions featured hills, which were tough.  I actually ended up doing the last 20 second sprint at 10 mph, woo!

The class was at 6:30 AM in the North End and I was going straight to work after, so the night before I diligently packed everything I needed in my gym bag: clothes, shower flip flops, towel, shampoo and other shower stuff, makeup, and hair gel. I was so proud of myself. It wasn’t until after I finished my shower that realized I forgot to pack THE most important article of clothing a girl needs.

Yep, I forgot a bra! I had to go through the entire work day wearing me gross, sweaty, smelly sports bra. It was pretty uncomfortable. At least my drapey sweater hid most of the evidence:

Friday: off/cross train. I was browsing ClassPass the night before and saw that Pure Barre actually had an opening for a 7:10 AM class! I love Pure Barre but the classes they offer on ClassPass fill up SO quickly I can never get in. I jumped at the chance to lift, tuck and burn on my off day. My abs were NOT prepared.

Saturday: 7.18 mile run in 1:12:58. As I mentioned, we ran the Battle Path in Lexington. It was an off-road trail of mostly packed dirt (but with some less-packed parts), which was really challenging!

I am thrilled with my pace. I spent the first half of the run chatting with coach Lori about Beantown Bootcamp and the other half with another group of teammates, one of whom just got married last weekend (and still made it to last week’s training!). Coach Marc talked about the third marathon he is running in three weeks because he is crazy.

I experimented with Gu for the first time, taking a few bites at our two water breaks (at 2.5 miles and 4.5 miles). I think the 20 mg of caffeine made me even more of a motor mouth than usual and the Gu itself gave me this crazy burst of energy at the end of the run!

Oh and this happened.

Up until this point, my Polar M400 has given me little trophies for “longest distance” that haven’t actually been my longest run (just my longest since buying the watch). Sorry, Polar M400, I had a life before we met. This 7+ miler, however, was my Actual Longest Run. Capitals. We’re square now, Polar Bear!

Have a great week!


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