Wine Wednesday

It’s finally here! My favorite time of year – porch season! Time to break out all of my favorite porch wines!

I tend to enjoy more whites and lighter-bodied reds as the weather warms up. But I have been known to enjoy a nice big red on a crisp night around a campfire.

MAN I love summer.

From last summer, when Lucy was a kitten and a bit of a wino.

It was unseasonably hot on Sunday so we enjoyed a nice, chilled glass of this 2012 Arneis from Jacuzzi
imageAccording to the tasting notes, this is a dry, aromatic, medium-bodied wine with “refreshing lemon-lime notes and a hint of spearmint.” Dan definitely picked up on the citrus. The grape Arneis is native to Italy and means “little rascal” in Italian. Jacuzzi recommends pairing it with prosciutto, melon or pesto shrimp pasta (yes!).

Wine Links

I haven’t posted many links as of late so these are some that I have been accumulating.

It sounds like Bareginger and I are on the same page when it comes to warm weather wine, so I’m anxious to try Gragnano DOC – Terre del Gragnano as per this recommendation (with pizza!).

Two weeks ago I posted about a great French rose and just saw this review of another. I haven’t tried it but wanted to pass along this review if pink wine is your jam.

Thirsty Guide to Chilean Red – Chile is definitely on my wine travel bucket list so this is a resource I can use now for drinking and hopefully later for visiting! I’m using it to learn a little more about Carmenere while I sip on this gem we picked up at the gala tasting.


The history of how Carmenere was transferred to Chile from Bordeaux (and mistaken for Merlot) is pretty cool! This 2011 Chono Carmenere is from Maipo Valley, known for its reds, and pays homage to an ancient Chilean tribe. The picture on the label comes from Chono tribe cave drawings. According to the vendor at the tasting, the grapes are completely hand-picked and come from a single vineyard. It’s medium-bodied and tannic with a smoky aroma.

Digression over! Here’s another link:

This article on sweetness in wine is pretty interesting. I am guilty of looking down my nose at sweeter wines at times, but when it’s well done, it definitely has its place. And get, I’ll enjoy an Apothic Red every now and then! Like at 10:30 AM at the Ft. Lauderdale airport waiting for our connecting flight.

Look at that pour! It’s basically half of the bottle.

The wine paired very well with Peanut Butter M&Ms. A less-sweet wine would not have been such a successful pairing.

Don’t act like you don’t have wine and M&Ms in the airport at 10:30 AM while traveling, and I won’t act like I didn’t already have a 23 oz. Goose Island IPA before this.

Conclusion: cheap, sweet wine has its place, and that place is beside a big pile of M&Ms. In fact, I might have to start a new blog for wines and the variety of M&Ms with which they pair best. The Tempranillo they gave us in our room at Excellence went swimmingly with plain.


I got to start brainstorming a name for this new blog!


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