Training Week 7

This was a hard week of training but for a great reason. Dan and I jaunted off to the Dominican Republic for a quick vacation! We stayed at an all-inclusive resort (the Excellence – true to its name), which neither of us had ever done. It was a such a great time! All we did was eat, drink, and LOUNGE – by the pool, on the beach, and IN the pool at the swim-up bar! It was only a 4-day, 3-night vacation but we definitely needed something, even if it was short and sweet.

Swim-up bar!

What was nice is that our new nephew decided to come a little early and see us off! We got to meet Owen just after he was born on Saturday. He is a teeny little chicken nugget!

Despite all the excitement of the week, I managed to keep to my training schedule. HIGH FIVE! Every single run this week was painful (in different ways), but I’m glad I got through them all.

Sunday: 40 min tempo run – 4.54 miles in 40:23. This one hurt. I only got 4 hours of sleep the night before, as we had driven up to Maine to be there for the birth (and of course, stayed up way too late to watch the Pacquiao/Mayweather fight)! I probably shouldn’t have done my tempo run the day after our long group run, but I wanted to get a hard run out of the way before vacation!

Monday: off – traveling to Punta Cana!

Go Pro + Coco Locos = lots of swim-up bar selfies!

Tuesday: 5K (3.1 miles) at an easy pace on the treadmill at the fitness center. I woke up feeling a little rough – it’s hard to pace yourself (both running-wise and drinking-wise) at an all-inclusive! I also did this workout after indulging at the breakfast buffet, which was a BIG mistake. I felt ill the whole time but after I was finished (and downing like 3 bottles of water), I felt great! Lounging in the pool all day certainly helped.

Wednesday: 8×400 at 10K pace with 1:00 rests (about 2.85 miles total with 2 miles of running). The resort actually had a jogging track that I was excited to try because the track surrounded FLAMINGOS!

I went to the track early and was a little concerned about running in the heat. It was only 335 meters around, which would make the interval workout a challenge.


The track was a gravelly, uneven surface and there were a few other people strolling. Basically, none of the conditions were right for speed work. I tried running fast but gave up on the track after 2 intervals. I finished my workout on the treadmill.

I figured out while running the day before that the treadmill’s display was in metric units, which was helpful for the distance but I had no idea what pace to run! I ran most of the intervals at 13 kph (which I now know is about 8 mph – speedy!) with rests of 5.5 kph (3.4 mph). I jogged one interval at 10 kph and at the end threw in one more 400m jog to make up for the two shorter track loops. I ended up doing a little more than a 4K on the treadmill and two running laps on the track.

I then went back to my regularly scheduled boozing.

Dirty Banana!

Thursday: off again, as we traveled back to Boston. I’m glad I was able to time my off days so well!

Friday: 4.13 easy miles in 41:30. Even though I ran twice while on vacation, my legs had not recovered! My muscles felt tingly and VERY tight, especially my right calf.

Saturday: 6.08 miles in 66:43 during our group training run through the Newton Hills. Again, my legs were so tired! I’m glad I was held accountable by my team, as I’m not sure if I could have gone through with this one on my own.

Total mileage for week 6: 20.7 miles, up from last week’s 20.06 miles.

Even though I missed Wine Wednesday this week, we did enjoy some vino while at the resort. Check out their house Cabernet:

Looks just like Lucy! Same vintage as Lucy, too!


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