Training Week 6

How have I completed six weeks of training already?

This week I experienced my first soreness that caused a little concern. On Wednesday a muscle in my right inner thigh started hurting. It was pain beyond typical post-run soreness and it was in an area that was difficult to stretch. I switched my off day to Thursday to let it rest.

Also, when I started drafting this post, I completely forgot what I did on some of the days! Thankfully I can refer back to my Polar data and my training calendar on Google to sort things out. I guess after six weeks of training, the days run (hee!) together a little.

Sunday: 6K run, which I may have mentioned before

Monday: This was a day I completely forgot about. Apparently I took a (scheduled) off day from running and did a class at Studio Empower, which was challenging but not nearly as bad as the class I took a few weeks ago. I think I need to try taking a class with the same instructor as my first to figure out whether I’m actually getting stronger or if she just taught a more difficult class.

Tuesday: 3.94 easy miles in 37:54, on a loop with a little more hilliness than I’m used to. Got to get used to those rolling hills!

I also took a Body Pump class in the evening, which may have been a contributing factor to the pain I felt the next day.

Wednesday: There was a 3 x 1 mile interval workout on the agenda but I traded it for some hill repeats. Again, I want to make sure I am ready for hills during the actual race. The Summit Ave. hill is a BEAST. I did 3 passes for a total of 4.07 miles in 45:12. It was after this run that I started feeling the inner thigh pain.

The sunrise on my way to the gym.

Thursday: My inner thigh was still hurting so this became my other scheduled off day. I went to the gym and did the elliptical machine at VERY low intensity. I also stretched and tried to foam roll, but my inner thigh was too tender.

Friday: 3.00 miles exactly on an easy run, 28:58. Again, I chose the loop with a little more hilliness, though I probably should not have.  The inner thigh felt a little better though!

I also took a Btone class which was not nearly as challenging on the legs as some of my previous classes.  There was a lot of core work which I appreciated! I am glad my legs got a little break.

Finally, I started a May Plank Challenge featured on Peanut Butter Runner.  The first day we were to set our baseline with a full, arms-extended plank. I made it to 2:45, which I was thrilled with, especially since I did this AFTER all the core work at Btone! Follow @jdecurtins on Instagram for the challenge details. I don’t think I’ll officially enter the challenge by posting on the ‘gram every day, but I’m going to try to do the workout every day.

Saturday: 5.26 mile group training run at Carson Beach in Southie. I ran alongside my teammate Kaitlyn and we commiserated about fundraising and the time just passed. Thankfully my inner thigh felt okay. When I got home I did some big-time foam rolling and stretching. I also did Day 2 of the plank challenge. I felt it in my arms more than my abs!

Total mileage for week 6: 20.06, up from last week’s 18.52 miles.

So Team Challenge ran Carson Beach on Week 2 and I swear the weather conditions were almost the same a month later (in the 40s, windy, gray, gross). I am SO sick of the cold weather! Thankfully Dan and I are heading to the Caribbean on Monday! We are spending four days and three nights at an all-inclusive resort in Punta Cana, where we are going to eat and drink and RELAX the whole time. I cannot wait.

Of course, in typical fashion, this is the forecast for home while we’re gone:

We leave and the weather improves, as per usual. You’re welcome, Boston!


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