Training Week 5

Another week of training in the books! This one did not end with a group run because our team is running the BNHC 6K Road Race tomorrow (Sunday). It’s the same route we ran in Brockton a couple of weeks ago so I’m looking forward to it!

Sunday: off/cross train. I took a Btone class before driving up to Nashua for my sister’s baby shower. It was challenging but I didn’t find it quite as challenging as the Studio Empower class I took last Sunday.

(Marathon!) Monday: 4.92 mile easy run in 49:35 . I ran this before meeting my friend Shannon at the matinee Red Sox game! The weather held off for my run but I can’t say the same for the game. We powered through 7 innings despite getting soaked and saw the Sox pull ahead 7-1.  Afterwards we met up with some friends, watched some of the marathoners, and ate and drank all day. Patriot’s Day is my favorite holiday!

Tuesday: Off. My body was worn out from the busy weekend and the fun of the day before, so I moved my off-day to Tuesday.

Wednesday: exactly 4.5 miles during a 40 minute tempo run. On this race I experienced what I have coined “Watch Rage”.  I was running a good clip and near the end of my run, I glanced down at my watch and it said my pace was a (clearly incorrect) 16:00 minute mile! I became irrationally upset and even stopped and paused my watch to try to get it back to normal. I realize now it is silly to get upset over failing technology – even if my watch isn’t recording my pace correctly, it doesn’t mean that I’m not running well! But in that moment I was mad and felt that my hard work was being wasted. Again, I understand how irrational it is now, but in the moment it was INFURIATING.

Thursday: 3.95 “easy” run in 38:41 minutes.  I started reading about the Napa-Sonoma course and learned that there are some rolling hills to expect. I’ve been running pretty flat routes so I wanted to change it up. I took my run towards the reservoir. While the lap around the water is flat, the route to and from is pretty hilly. I’m pleased with my pace, as hills are NOT my forte.


Friday: 3.01 miles total in 26:42. This workout was a 12 x 200 at 5K pace with 1:00 rests. I should have done this on the track but it was supposed to be 36 degrees in the morning! Hell no! I know that I’ll probably have to hit the treadmill when we go on vacation in a couple of weeks, so I used this as run as a treadmill “tester.” I find that the treadmill exacerbates my hamstring soreness more than running outside, so I usually avoid indoor running.

Now, this workout would have been pretty easy on the track, as 200m is a half of a lap. I thought that I would be able to figure it out on the treadmill, but it took me a LONG time that morning get the math straight! It didn’t help that the treadmill wouldn’t let me change the units from miles to kilometers. At first I just tried using 0.13 miles as my benchmark for intervals, but it turned into too much quick addition. Finally (after 6 of the 12 intervals) I realized that if I ran 8 minute miles for the interval pace, it should take exactly one minute to complete 200m. After that realization came to me (and give me a break, it was EARLY!), I alternated one minute at 7.5 mph and one minute at 6.0 mph as rest.
imageNeedless to say, I’ll be sure to do my intervals on the track in the future!

Saturday: 2.14 miles for an easy 20 minute run. I planned a quick, easy loop in my neighborhood and hit 20 minutes EXACTLY as I was approaching a Starbucks!

I also opted not to use headphones on this run. I want to limit my use of music and other distractions as a crutch and become more in tune with my body and breathing. It actually felt okay! I may try to commit at least one run a week without headphones.

Total mileage for week 5: 18.52, up from last week’s 17.41 miles.

I’m off to another Studio Empower class and then to BLM for wine tasting and hopefully some help with fundraising! I will keep you posted. Cheers!


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