Wine Wednesday

A couple weeks ago, Dan and I stayed in on a Friday night and made steak. Actually, Dan made the steak while I was at my foam rolling yoga class because he is awesome. I took it upon myself to pick out a wine!

In our house, we have a wine cabinet that holds our good-for-everyday wines (and an overflow wine rack on our bookcase, because it’s how we do). We also have a mini wine fridge where we keep “special” bottles. That night I couldn’t find anything I really wanted to enjoy with steak in the cabinet or on the rack so I ventured down to our “wine cellar” knowing we had THIS:


Hell yeah that’s the corkscrew from the vineyard!

I may have mentioned before that Clos du Val Cabernet was the first wine I fell in LOOOOOOVE with. We first had a bottle at a special steakhouse dinner and became obsessed. It is pricy enough for us that we only have it on special occasions and we always check the NH liquor outlets for sales!

I tried to get Lucy to pose with the wine like a weirdo.

Anyway, I was able to justify popping open a special bottle is wine on an otherwise nondescript Friday night because Dan recently had some good news at work. But really, it’s not hard to come up with a reason to open celebratory wine!

I seriously took 15 pictures of Lucy near the wine.


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