Training Week 4

I can’t believe I have finished four weeks of training! It feels like I just started yesterday. If I didn’t have this blog I would easily lose sight of how much work I’ve already done.

Sunday: off/cross-train. I went to a class at Studio Empower with my boss on Sunday morning. I’ve taken a few Btone classes so I thought I knew what I was doing, but I really struggled! The instructor was very nice and corrected my form a bunch of times (and my boss helped me with some pointers too), but MAN I felt out of my league. I haven’t felt so out of place in a class in a long time, so it was humbling. But it was also a KILLER workout and my legs were sore for days. I’m definitely going back with ClassPass!

Monday: 2×1 mile at half-marathon pace. 2.06 miles total. I didn’t quite get this workout, as I have no idea what my half pace is! I did an out-and-back run near my house that’s a little over 2 miles and tried to keep my place around 9:00-9:30. I checked my watch and was all over the place, pace-wise. I did meet my secondary goal, which was to get a negative split (i.e. the second mile was faster than the first).

I did my run in the afternoon and went to a 45 minute Flybarre class (also through ClassPass) in the morning. Between this and the Studio Empower class the day before, my legs were TIRED.

Tuesday: 5.01 mile easy run. I am missing the group training on Saturday (on Heartbreak Hill!) because I’m running in the BAA 5K that morning. As the group run is scheduled to be 5 miles, I made sure to get a 5 miler in on one of my other training days. I ran along the Charles, which was nice!

Wednesday: off/cross-train. I did November Project once again! I am hoping running the stadium stairs helps my endurance and strengthens my legs.

Thursday: 2.94 mile easy run. This should have been 3 miles but I miscalculated it. I’m still getting the hang of “easy” running so I decided NOT to check the pace on my Polar M400 the whole time. Instead, I ran at a clip that felt comfortable and sustainable. I figured I could use whatever pace I ran as a baseline for future easy runs. It turns out that I averaged 9:47 minutes per mile. I’m happy with that!

Friday: 4.23 miles (40 minute tempo run – well, really, 37:13 minute tempo run). Like the day before, I turned my watch on and didn’t look at it again. I aimed to run a pace that felt like more of a challenge than my easy run. I ended up averaging a pace of 8:48 minutes per mile. I think that might be a little too fast for a tempo, which is supposed to be at my half marathon pace. This run was a little tough. It was drizzling and I got negative and down on myself about halfway in. I felt great when I finished, though! Love that runner’s high.

On Friday night, I met up with my friend Keith and we attended a book discussion with Meb Keflezighi, the 2014 Boston Marathon winner and the first American to win Boston in almost 30 years. The talk was part of the Boston Marathon weekend and took place in the Old South Church, which was really cool. It was interesting to hear about how an elite runner approaches a race and how he has to employ different strategies depending on the circumstances. I also love that he emphasizes the importance of cross-training and conditioning. We received a signed copy of his book at the talk and I can’t wait to read it in preparation for my race!

Saturday: BAA 5K! This was my first time running this race and I loved it! It was super crowded, but all the people made it very energetic and exciting. I started near the back and was definitely fighting a crowd the whole race, but I still managed to run a 26:20! I got together with some of my sister’s friends (my friends too, but she gets the credit!) before and after the race. They’re already signing up for their next races, which will be fun!


Total mileage for week 4: 17.41 – I actually ran fewer miles than last week! I will keep aiming for that 10% increase each week.  We will see what this week holds!


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