Training Week 3

My third week of training featured 5 running days and 2 off/cross-training days. I ended up increasing my mileage by more than 10% despite my best efforts. I hope it doesn’t bite me later!

Sunday: off/cross-train. After Easter brunch with the family, I attended a Body Pump class. It’s a barbell workout cued to music that focuses on one muscle group at a time.

Monday: easy 3.45 mile run. My legs were sore from Body Pump and I took it very slow, but it was still hard.
imageTuesday: intervals! 5×800 at 10K pace with 2:00 rests in between. 3.41 miles total but only 2.5 of them were running. I walked each of the rest intervals because I don’t want to inflate my weekly mileage. Like last week’s track workout, I ran the intervals waaaaay too fast!

imageNeedless to say, that is NOT my 10K pace. (Yet?) Those intervals were SO hard and I needed to walk to recover anyway.

Wednesday: off/cross-train: November Project again! This time I finished an ACTUAL full tour and then some! The snow is gone from the stadium!

Thursday: I did 3.28 easy miles and it was AWFUL. It was cold, drizzly, and so windy. The only positive was it was my first run using my new toy!
imageI finally invested in a GPS watch! I opted for the Polar M400. So far I’m still figuring out how to use it but I will let you know what I think about it.

Friday: 40 min. tempo run. 4.99 miles total. I started this workout and then managed to turn my new watch off after a few minutes. I had to start over. I’m a total running technology novice!

I also attended another Melt Method Self Massage class, which I think will be beneficial. If nothing else I’ll learn some foam rolling tricks I can do on my own.

Saturday: third group training run! We ran for 50 minutes at a park in Brockton. It was lovely! I ended up doing 4.72 miles while chatting about people’s new jobs and fundraising.
imageWe then went out to breakfast, which was nice. I want to get to know my team better!

Total mileage for week 3 – 18.96 miles. This is WAY over a 10% increase (about 35%), but that is because it had 5 running days, not 4. My legs feel okay today so hopefully I am in the clear.

This week I am going to try to attend more ClassPass classes to supplement my running. As my mileage increases I’ll probably have to cut back on classes so I want to get as many in while I can!


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