Wine Wednesday

(I’m posting this on a Thursday, AGAIN. My excuse is that last night, Dan and I went to an event at Slumbrew and sampled beers. It’s a valid excuse).

Happy Wine Wednesday! Happy Wine Thursday Eve! Only two more days until Wine Friday!

Wine of the Week

I’ve been a major wine slacker and before last night, hadn’t had the sweet nectar for a week! I had to pop open a bottle last night for the blog. For science.

Columbia Crest 2012 “H3” Merlot. This is not what you’d expect from a Merlot. This was big, rich, velvety and so smooth. I tasted some berries with a little spice. Dan described it as buttery. I said that it seemed more like a Cabernet than a Merlot, which makes it sound like I know what I’m talking about (I don’t) (BUT: fun fact, it’s blended with 4% Cab!).

I tasted this at a “New World Bordeaux Blends” tasting at BLM.  Per BLM’s tasting notes, the “3H” stands for Horse Heaven Hills, a prized appellation in Washington (here’s a great explanation of appellations). The notes I took at the tasting are as follows:

Earthy? Mouthy. Spicy – LIKE it! Surprising. Chocolate, coffee

Clearly I scribble the most articulate notes at my local wine shop!

I highly HIGHLY recommend this and it retails for $18.99 – not bad to crack open on a special Friday night. I paid $14.99 with the tasting discount and it was a steal!

Wine Links

I’m running from one to the other, I should probably determine which is more my style: Napa vs Sonoma. It looks like I have Napa taste on a Sonoma budget!

QUIZ: What kind of wine are you. I got sparkling!

Wine Folly comes through again with a great article about how wine is confusing and what to do about it.  I loved how it distinguishes wine geeks and wine snobs! Yay wine geekery, boo wine snobbery! Me? I’m a wine dummy that hangs around with the wine smart kids and copies what they do!



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