Saving time in the AM

On Tuesday I hit the track for an interval workout. Since the last time I ran at the track in the morning was dark and creepy, this time I woke up later to get closer to sunrise. I figured it would be lighter outside and there might be other runners. And it was and there were! But the other runners were super athletic and totally intimidating, so that was actually less of a comfort.

I am glad I started a little later for those reasons, but I had to commute to Tewksbury that morning so time was a little tight. I knew I would need to take time that morning to stretch and ice my hamstring, so I would have to cut short something else from my usual morning routine.

Not Lucy lap time, which is precious.

Now, while I am blessed with insanely thick hair, it takes forever to blow dry and it is such a pain. I do not wash my hair every day, but I usually wash it after every run or vigorous workout that leaves me a sweaty mess. Tuesday’s run was definitely “sweaty mess” material. But instead of wasting time washing and drying my hair, I relied upon: 1) dry shampoo, 2) a blow dryer, 3) a curling iron and 4) crossing my fingers.

The result: not bad! I think I got away with it. The trick with calming really gross sweaty hair with dry shampoo is to blow dry it a little first. A dry shampoo can only absorb so much moisture! Also, not only are curls better at masking dirty hair, they have more staying power than on newly washed hair.

You can’t take yourself too seriously while rocking sweat-head.

Do you have any post-run time saving tips?


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