Training Week 2

I survived my second week (and first FULL week) of training! Here’s the damage:

Sunday: off! I NEVER take rest days but I thought it would be important to give my legs a break.

Monday: 8×400 at 5K pace with 2:00 rest. 3.61 miles total. This was my first workout of interval repeats and I had no idea what I was doing. I went to the Harvard stadium track and set my Runkeeper app with 2:00 rest alerts. It was 5:30 AM and dark and creepy at the track!  I also had no way of knowing my pace while I was running and it turns out I ran WAY too fast! Whoops!

Tuesday: 3.2 miles at a “conversational” pace at New Balance Girls Night Out, discussed in more detail here!

Wednesday: off/cross-train. After a three month hiatus, I returned to Harvard Stadium to run the stairs with November Project! The stadium is not quite 100% clear of snow, but the fewer number of seats to run up helped me to actually finish a “full” tour!
Hello again section 1!

Thursday: another off/cross-train day (should have been on Friday but I switched). I attended a Core Fusion Barre class that I booked through ClassPass. It made my legs SHAKE like crazy.

Friday: 40 minute tempo run Hill repeats with November project again! Dan and I went together. The workout sent us up and down a bunch of stairs and my calves were still destroyed from Wednesday’s steps. After my first attempt, I stuck with the hill repeats. I ended up covering 3.72 strenuous miles.

Later that night I took a Melt Method – Self Massage class at Acorn Yoga (via ClassPass). It was 75 minutes of relaxing foam rolling and it was PERFECT. My legs were so sore from November Project and needed some self-massage!

Saturday: group training run #2! My new New Balance 870s arrived just in time!


We ran at Carson Beach in Southie. It was supposed to be 20 minutes out and 20 minutes back, but my phone decided to shut down and left me without Runkeeper, my time source! I manually entered the route and estimate that I covered about 3.5 miles.

Total mileage for week 2: 14.03 miles. This is more than a 10% increase from last week (11.64), which I want to avoid going forward per the 10 percent rule. Last week was abbreviated so hopefully it won’t be too much of a concern!

Time for wine? Cheers!


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