Wine Wednesday!

Yikes! I started drafting a Wine Wednesday post and forgot to post it! April Fool’s! Happy Wine Wednesday THURSDAY. Let’s talk wine!

Wine of the Week

Over the weekend Dan and I polished off a bottle of Jacuzzi 2010 Nebbiolo. If I haven’t mentioned it already, we have been members of the Jacuzzi wine club since 2011. How we ended up joining is kind of a funny story – I’ll save it for later! We seriously enjoy every single wine Jacuzzi produces and the wine club is really manageable and not too much of a commitment.

Anyway, have you tried Nebbiolo? It’s the main grape in Barolo varieties. I really dug this one! It’s lighter to medium bodied and offers a unique bouquet of aromas and flavors! I got some smokiness from this one. And even though it’s not a sweet wine, it was complemented well with a piece of dark chocolate. Wine + chocolate = happy Cindy.


Wine + Running!

On Tuesday, I attended New Balance’s Girls Night Out, which was awesome! The hosts (Shay Kostabi and Athena Karalekas – love her blog!) led us either on a 3.6 mile run or through an intense resistance band workout. I opted for the run as part of my training plan. I chatted the whole time with this nice girl I just met who is also training for a half! We ended up inadvertently cutting the run a little short. I still got 3.2 miles at a pace where conversation was possible but a little difficult, exactly what I needed.

After the workout, New Balance hosted an after-party with healthy hors d’ouevres, juice, and WINE! I’m so glad I attended with two good friends who aren’t afraid of a little post-workout boozing! The bartender joked about how her station was unpopular among all the healthy-minded attendees. Enter us!


I started with a Pinot Grigio because I was still warm from running and wanted something chilled. I then had 2 “glasses” (plastic cups) of Murphy-Goode Cabernet. I find Murphy-Goode to be a great option among the widely- available brands.


I had such a great time at NBGNO. At the end we received an awesome shoulder bag and a cute tank top. I can’t wait for warmer weather to rock it!



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