Wine Wednesday!

Welcome back to Wine Wednesday! I’m a swinging bachelorette this week with the husbo on his ski vacation. That means all the wine is MINE!

Wine of the Week

Cuvelier Los Andes Coleccion 2010. I tried this at a “New World Bordeaux Blends” tasting at BLM and had to buy it (especially at a discounted price of $16.99). The Cuvelier family are renowned French wine makers who opened a vineyard in Mendoza.

Fun fact: Malbec was brought to South America from France. French Malbec has a different flavor than Argentinian Malbec, so if you like one, try comparing it to the other!

This wine is 57% Malbec, 20% Merlot, 11% Syrah, 8% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 4% Petit Verdot (don’t worry, I did the math, it adds up). All of those grapes except Syrah are “Bordeaux” grapes. Dan and I had it with pot roast and found it to be medium to full bodied and very smooth with some fruitiness. At $20.99 retail, this is a great way to experience a quality wine at a reasonable price, especially you find Bordeaux to be intimidating and overwhelming (like me!).

Favorite Wine Gadgets

I find that a lot of wine gadgets are a waste of money and space, but I have indulged in a few and will share those I find most useful. Such as this bad boy:


Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator. Most red wines need to breathe upon opening, but who has the time when it’s wine o’clock? This little guy opens up a tight, tannic wine right away. We have done taste tests and find that the aerator really does make a difference.  In fact, we use this so much in our home that I bought a SECOND one for those times when the aerator is dirty but there is a new bottle to be opened NOW.  I don’t know if that speaks to our laziness or our alcoholism. A little of Column A, a little of Column B?

Wine Links

The 10 Commandments of Wine – love these!  I especially liked #8 and will be thinking of each sip as “a single grape that took a year to grow.”

Also, #2 is so important! NEVER SAY NEVER when it comes to wine! Years ago I wouldn’t touch Chardonnay, but after trying a wide variety (from France, from California, oaked, unoaked, etc.) I came to appreciate it more and more.

Finally, while I was clicking around on Wine Folly, I found THIS helpful beginners’ guide. I’ll be clicking back to this for pairing recommendations like ALWAYS.



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