Cambridge 5K’s Craicfest

I signed up for Cambridge 5K‘s Craicfest because I love the C5K races – great course, awesome shirts, and AMAZING after-parties! There’s always great food, and local breweries sling a variety of fantastic beers. I was sold when C5K announced that the Craicfest after-party would be indoors! I nearly froze to death after the Super Sunday 5 miler (though it didn’t stop me from gulping down 4 beers).


The forecast threatened a snowy/rainy mix but when race day arrived, it was 35-40 degrees and dry.  Not too bad!  I finished in 26:52 and felt great the whole time. With the awful winter weather, I hadn’t been running outside very much, so I was pleased with how it felt.

imageAnd of course, the past-race festivities were awesome.  I ended up with a big group of friends and there may have been dancing (Hanging Tough!). I enjoyed lots of Slumbrew Flagraiser IPA, Notch Left of the Dial, and Night Shift Whirlpool. Plus a swissbakers pretzel. I love all things swissbaker and pretzel!imageSee you later for Wine Wednesday!



2 thoughts on “Cambridge 5K’s Craicfest

  1. Permettez moi de reprendre : avec 1/10 on voit infiniment mieux qu’avec 0/10 ! En effet, on perçoit très bien les lumières, les formes/contour des objet, même certaines lettres… Par exemple, une personne ayant 1/10 binoculaire est capable d’aller chercher seul son pain à pied, ou de cuisiner seule chez elle. Au deça (jsÃsu&rqquo;uƒÂ  1/20) la vie quotidienne devient très difficile, et demande souvent une aide extérieure.


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