A morning run!

I’ve been avoiding my usual running routes because the snow has been just. too. much.  Normally, I like the simplicity and efficiency of just throwing on my sneakers and running a loop that begins and ends at my door. I like getting it done before work.  I don’t like running in the dark but sometimes it’s what you got to do.

Since the last week of January, the sidewalks have been nonexistent and/or covered in a nice layer of trampled snow/slush/ice.  I will do anything for love but I won’t do that. Thus, I’ve barely done any outdoor running since running a 5 mile race on Superbowl Sunday.


(From the morning I ran November Project’s Sunrise 6k).

Yesterday was my first morning run in what felt like forever! It was still a little slippery and I had to run slowly, but it felt great!  I did a typical 3.5 mile loop and only encountered a few unshoveled areas. Having to tiptoe a few times meant that my pace was much slower than average, but otherwise the run was wonderfully uneventful!

I used to swear off running COMPLETELY in the winter, but this year (with the help of my skiing husband, November Project, and a couple of winter races) I learned that running outside in the winter isn’t that bad is you have the right gear!  This year I bought some relatively inexpensive stuff from Target and Old Navy. These may not last forever but they suit my purposes for the time being!


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