Blog progress – blogress?

I was keeping a tumblr page with pictures of wine I enjoyed, sometimes with notes to remember what I liked about it or what I would pair it with.  I imported all of those posts to this site and used tags so individual posts may be easy to find at a later time.  When I’m in a wine store, I’m usually overwhelmed with all the choices and always want to make sure I pick something I enjoy!  In theory, if I click on the “merlot” tag, I should get pictures and posts of Merlot I have previously enjoyed and can use that to make a selection.  I also had a lot of beer entries which I also tagged.

Tumblr was one of the many efforts I made trying to catalog all my wines; I also tried Pinterest and a few wine apps like Vivino and drync.  I still use Vivino and want to start cataloging my wines better.

More blogress – I downloaded the WordPress app and am experimenting with adding pictures!  I’m still a little clueless about my DSLR camera so the pictures I post here will be low-quality camera pics. But pics just the same! How about one of my crazy kitty?
imageSo yesterday I was doing a load of laundry. I put the clothes in, added the soap, inserted my quarters (we live in a condo with laundry in the basement – less than ideal but it’s not too bad), and selected my cycle.  I then went upstairs and promptly realized my Fitbit was still in the pocket of my workout pants!  I ran to the machine but once it begins its cycle, the door is locked and can’t be opened until it is finished.  When I was FINALLY able to retrieve it, I couldn’t believe it still worked!image

Last night Dan and I went to Area Four in Cambridge for pizza, which was delicious.  We also stopped at the Ames Street Deli for drinks with friends.  I’m usually a beer/wine girl but I was actually in the mood for cocktails!imageOn the right was my first, a gin drink called “Honey I Choked the Kids,” which was listed under “Adventurous and Weird.”  It was.  I liked it!  I also tried the Gin Cobbler on the left, which was also pretty good.  I am a liquor lightweight though, so I stopped after these two.  I did not want to be hung over combined with losing an hour of sleep, because I had to be HERE bright and early:image(this is an old picture – it was NOT snowing and was actually lovely today!)

I love this workout! You spend half the time on treadmills doing various intervals (speed, incline, even some side shuffling and back pedaling) and half the time on the floor doing strength and conditioning moves. I was on the treadmills and the first section was INSANE.  We started with jog, then increased the incline and speed, then increased the incline and speed AGAIN and then kept a steady (fast!) speed while we kept increasing the incline.  It was a little too much for me and I had to kill the speed a little just to keep going.  The second treadmill section was mostly sprints and I managed to hold a 9.0 speed for almost all of them.  The second to last I dropped to an 8.5 for a bit, but on the last sprint I kept it between 9.1-9.3.  Yes!

The best part of Barry’s Bootcamp is the smoothie bar!  You can even pre-order your smoothie before class so it’s waiting for you when you’re finished, all cold and refreshing while you’re pouring out sweat and wanting to die.imageI got the “Banana Nut” (banana, almond milk, cinnamon) with vanilla protein powder and added kale.  The smoothies are delicious!  Yesterday I tried a smoothie at a different place and wasn’t a fan – it was too sweet.  This one hit the spot and I loved the spiciness of the cinnamon.

I’ve had a lazy afternoon so I am going to try to be productive before bowling.  I’m in a candlepin bowling league, which is SO fun and not too competitive.  I can be a very competitive person but I’m a lousy bowler, so I don’t take it too seriously!  I’m mostly there to hang with friends and enjoy beers on a Sunday night!



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