When I have something to look forward to on the horizon, I always end up WAY too excited way too early!  I’m about two weeks from the informational meeting I am going to attend for Team Challenge and yet I keep thinking of things to share here!

For instance, today I am working at an off-site location.  As I was driving in, I saw a woman walking her dog.  She was walking on the (clear, snow-free) sidewalk. The pup was bounding around in the snow banks!  There was plenty of room for the dog on the sidewalk and yet he was gleefully running through snow as tall as him.  It was so adorable I found myself smiling giddily.

Clearly this story has nothing to do with anything but I really wanted to share and remember it.  It was too cute.

I am trying to temper my excitement to begin my training and anxiousness to share anything and everything here by brainstorming ways to keep myself busy in ways that may also further my goals.  For instance, I have a nice DSLR camera that I inherited from my sister (the family photog). I want to learn to use it and take some nice pictures to post.  Sis gave me a helpful book for Christmas, so I’m planning on spending some time each week learning some new tricks.

I’m also anxious to begin running again since this winter has been horrific.  Treadmills seem to aggravate my right hamstring so I haven’t been doing a lot of inside running.  However, I have managed to keep busy and active this winter thanks to ClassPass!  This is a great program that allows you to pay a monthly fee and have access to a ton of participating fitness classes all around the city.  I started using it last month and attended 14 classes ranging from barre, yoga, BodyPump, circuit training, Btone, and even some rowing classes.  I LOVE the variety and I’m hoping to use ClassPass to supplement my running once I get going again.  I’m attending a BodyPump class tonight and Btone tomorrow.

So this post is a little unwieldy, but I’m still new so hopefully I can hit a groove soon.  The “too long; didn’t read” (TL;DR) version: Way too excited about starting Team Challenge but its a few weeks away.  Keeping busy taking classes with ClassPass and want to start learning how to use my DSLR.  Dogs that like snow = cute.


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