Not ready for boot weather …

Even if they ARE pretty things!


On Tuesday and a whim, Dan and I hit up Audubon for Pretty Things Boot Night – order a Meadowlark IPA and keep the glass boot it came in!  It wasn’t hard to convince Dan, as Meadowlark is a house favorite.  


An extra added bonus was that the weather was so nice, we were able to drink and eat on the patio.  Fall in Boston = taking advantage of every last opportunity to dine outside, as each could be your last!

We split a BLT spread on pita bread (yum).  For dinner I ordered the grilled tuna salad that was so pretty I had to be That Girl and take a picture, flash and EVERYTHING.

I have been neglecting wine for beer a lot lately.  I’m an unfit wino.  However, last Saturday we stayed in and had a bottle of delicious Italian red wine that I forgot to take a picture of!  It was medium bodied and flavorful without being overly tannic or sweet.  It was very well balanced.  I tried it with a taste of chocolate and found that I preferred sipping it on its own.  This is rare.  Wine + chocolate = my favorite.  Hopefully I will find it again!

Last night I had two glasses of this Bordeaux, which had a wonderful earthy aroma:


Medoc is a northern, left-bank region of Bordeaux. Fun fact: if a wine is labelled with a region like “Medoc” as opposed to “Bordeaux” generally, it means all the grapes come from that region.

Finally, humblebrag alert – on Monday we met up with a group of college friends at Fugakyu to celebrate birthdays and homecomings.  I ordered the white wine flight (Sancerre, Pinot Grigio, and Riesling) and was able to correctly identify each glass based on SMELL ALONE.  Rock.  


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