What it is

For someone who knows nothing about wine, I know a lot about wine:

1. Which wines I like; and
2. Which wines I love.

Trust me, that’s a lot.

Unfortunately, it has become difficult cataloging this information. I have pictures of bottles saved in various places from all different sources, colorful papers from tastings containing my increasingly incoherent notes, corks EVERYWHERE, and fun little apps that never seem to work when I’m at the NH Liquor and Wine Outlets. I even tried keeping an organized Google Doc listing them all by name type, vintage, price, but can never remember to update it.

So I’ll give tumblr a whirl. I figure here I can post a picture and description to aid and my future wine purchasing and drinking (a noble goal). We’ll see how long it lasts, but I am anxious to get started (on all the drinking).


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